sabuzawarriors need more fighters!



  1. Alliance Name:sabuzawarriors
  2. Primary Language: English
  3. Minimum Hero lvl-60
  4. Alliance Lvl-15
  5. Alliance Rank-1,528

sabuzawarriors are looking for 4 new members currently. Most important thing in our alliance is WAR Participation. It is a absolute MUST! Must do your top 3 battles at least. Must donate gold to the alliance as much/whenever  possible. Every day donation isn’t required but truly appreciated an helps us all in WAR season. We speak English 97% of the time, but if you give your all in WAR then we don’t care what language you speak lol. Must be at least lvl 60. Also we understand that stuff happens in real life, so if you are going to be inactive for a X-amount of time please LET US KNOW if possible. Otherwise we will assume you just quit playing an will kick you out. But we might be willing to give you a 2nd chance.  If you are interested or have any questions before joining then feel free to reply to me on here or through the game. My king name is:MajorBig80. I am a General in the alliance.



1 spot left!