Sacrificed items color


Maybe I missed a patch note, but I just realized there’s another color for items to sacrifice.

Godlike items on the left are glowing like usual but the ones on the right aren’t. Does it mean the latter are bad for forging and I’d better sell them?

I didn’t see color change for Titan, Eternal nor Epic items though.

No it is happening because your device is not able to run the game properly.I am facing this isuue on my Android phone but never faced it on Pc or My lumia 950Xl.

SO I close apps running in the background and log out from the game and log in after clearing my phones’ cache memory and everything goes back to normal.

I have a pretty good tablet. There’s no other app nor game on it. It’s dedicated to OR only.  :slight_smile:

There’s always 2GB of free RAM on 4GB total when I play.

I restarted the tablet, no change.

It happens sometimes to me too… 

But that’s just a bug or resolution issue no need to worry … It will be okay after sometime…

Okay then I have no idea what is causing this in your device? but yes it happens sometimes in the game when colors becomes dull but this is not a feature for scarificing item for forging.?

I think it’s just a graphics glitch.  I see that often.  The blue ones get really dark sometimes and seem to lose their glow.  Same with green.  Just like sometimes during battle you can hardly see Pandora’s Box and sometimes it spews green gobbly gook all over the whole screen.  Usually a game force close restart fixes it.