Sad moments!

Here, it’s me. Kind Aditya Kumar. When I started playing Royal Revolt 2, I was mad in playing this game. I never stayed even 6 hours offline. I played all wars, all ninjas, all events. Even after losing my lvl 115 account, I continued the game. This was because of my love for the game. I never thought that this moment will come soon but it have come for now.

I, Kind Aditya Kumar have decided to leave the game. Guys, I am extremely sad after I decided to do it. But, I can no more stay with bugs, no events, no gold and no gems. There is no entertainment in the game. Why we play? We are entertained, but I don’t think that Royal Revolt 2 is full of entertainment now. I am feeling really bad after saying this.

I know it was me who decided that I will play the game forever. I promoted the game to all my friends, relatives and twitter followers, but really guys, I don’t think Royal Revolt 2 is still playable as it was in 2014.

Bye guys. I am just waiting to play another pro event and then, I will leave. Till I get the next ticket, I will be inactive for a while. After the pro event, forever.

Sad to see you leave, but if you truly played all wars, ninjas, and all events, then there is no way you can’t find gold and gems, and there have been plenty of events and things to keep us fairly busy. So now, the only reason you have left are the bugs, and I agree with you here. Even though there aren’t any major bugs, they are quite annoying. But, I would like to point out once again that there is plenty of entertainment in the game. We can always attack and there’s an event every week. I hate to see you leave, but you should probably come up with better reasons for leaving

If u r not a jumper i wd have invited u to my alliance bt ur repo is too poor. Bt stil tbh…i dnt want to see any player leave the game…stay…try diff combo , game is still very good n njyable.

I played Royal Revolt 2 day and night for gold and gems. I know how to get gems and gold. In 2014, when I was a lvl 80 player, I used to get more than 7M gold in a single raid. But see now, it was rare to get even 200k and unique for those who give us 600k+. Getting gems is a tough task as it was before. Now, it is useless to win leagues. Before, there was tough competition in leagues. We have to score more than 3000 medals to get rank 1 but now, I play 4 fights, get 130 medals, and see, I have rank 1 at the end of league. Wars are useless now. Ninja event is unworthy, for me I think. The competition in ninja event is declining. Before, if someone start a pro league, he start at a very low rank but moves up slowly. But now, you have 6000 at the start and 1200 after fighting the first fight. I found that competition is for tough and strong alliances. After this update, I first thought it was really good, but after knowing it properly, it was useless to stay in a game with this kind of feature. Uff, it is too long.

I completely understand you.

What makes me particularly despondent is the fact that it is very difficult to obtain gold.
There have always been problems with the algorithm of gold I understand it.

Once there were solutions that could have been done to obtain gold in a different way than in the “normal” way.

But today, since the changes made, the problem of gold has worsened!

Gold is definitely a key factor in the game, a solution to this problem should be a first priority.

Somehow I still have a belief that things will change and be improved. lets see.

Well… When gold is the problem, log in regularly and watch those videos for legendary chests. I for example have now 8 of them. When I open them, I will have at least 1M gold per chest. And then I even be pessimistic, with 1M average, it’s sometimes even more, you can even sell the items if you really are desperate for gold.

You can leave 2M gold unprotected(3M when you put kaiser beast in defense) behind, when you disconnect. You can also watch a video to boost taverns, so with 2-3M gold as start point, without fighting I even have a full treasure room once every 2 days. I do a few raids to be able to do my daily donations (1.5M per donation).

When gold is the problem, trophies are only for show, with exception of the ninja event. Drop them directly after ninja event started, only raise them again before start of ninja event to play in a good layer.

After dumping trophies, be patient (for 4-5 days) and hang around way lower trophies (1000-1500 lower) . Then raid in old trophy layer. There you go, plenty of gold. 

Having a bad time for some moments should not be the reason for quitting the game. When you still like the game, then play. 

Dumping trophies is not the optimal solution, as i see it.
the developers need to address this issue from the root …

In the current situation even if you’ll dump trophies it does’t help in the long run.
gold from chests is not a real solution although it helps.

I never attack players for gold because they will attack me again for their gold. I only use taverns and chests and it’s a good solution. I never miss gold

Unless they don’t work, like in my case for the past 2+ months (they started working again late this week out of the blue). :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, gold is out there somewhere if you know where to look and have the tools to dig it up. Doesn’t change the fact that half the time it’s a huge pain in the buttocks, or that the gold algorithm IS a useless pile of stoopeed.

You use Windows? Then throw away the vunglesdk folder plus type wsreset in an elevated command prompt. After that, videos work. On other os, I don’t know.

I had no videos for a long time, even then I got gold targets enough.

You may be just bored of the game and it happens with everyone and with every game, As You said Game was very entertaining I say it is Interesting But for a new player or for a player Who is playing with a single account. You still play after losing your level 115 Account…??

Yeah, it was because for the love and trust I had for the game and now, it is nothing to play.