Sad proof of inactivity in-game

4 months ago, when I last played, there was always competition in the Gem Leagues, even in the Bronze League players would try hard and make it tough. I come back and this is what I see. Not one person, other than myself, has gained any medals. Extremely disappointing to see this

But they won’t change themselves or game mechanism.This is just like before,after some time it will be like this only.They have just become very greedy,

The same is happening with me. Most of the players are not fighting and they can get maximum 700-1000 medals. I have been on rank 4-6 event I have fought only one or two battles.

I can make it even more crazy. Last ninja event I only did island 30 in silver league. Result, second place. 

AK your screenshot show what I have show 1 year ago. Low,medium and high player range are died. Only left active the player at level 95+

its main reason why gold issues appear since 1 year. Its really hard to gain gold. The only way its if you base its full of boost and no one want to try or fail. Without that. Its really hard. With boost OP make it more hard

I got first on a few bronze leagues recently and I had one fought like 2 battles. I must’ve won them with less that a hundred medals lol

Part of this is also that no one is fighting right now because of the imbalance between defense and offense. Why would you do 10 battles and lose 200 crowns? Just don’t fight and instead gain about 50 from the 2 people who tried to beat your base in the last 24 hours. The reward is nowhere near the risk, if you care at all about crowns.

Exactly the problem offense vs defense just have started. Wait the complain when War will start in 24 hours. No one will be able to beat player in skull perk set.

I tried to beat my base with skull gear (kickback aura ring). Tried really a lot of combinations, dracomancer included. Even tried Ceres, panda, Irmgard plus Kaiser as pal. 

Best result was firestorm, shield, bladestorm and starting with plenty of knights plus one ogre for stun effects against my ogres including Ceres, Irmgard also not bad, although I never did raid with him. Made it to the gate. Rest of combos, not even close.

Then tried with my heal ring instead, with blizzard, firestorm and heal. Not a chance, so then with bladestorm instead of blizzard, plenty of dracomancers and wolf and ogre. Last second I made it. Then a more crazy combo, shield, toxic cloud and firestorm. I was surprised, but yes, that combo is more successful, giving dracomancer just more time for dragons. 

Crazy solution, but it works. Having said that, switched heal ring for kickback skull ring. Nope, huge fail. 

So it’s playing with 4 out of 5 skull gear till that stargazer boost is over during war season. With just 4 raids, there is no room for mistakes, can’t take the risk losing 2+ raids.

Bad period for raids, combined with the 6 hours ads cooldown I stopped upgrading my base. Hoping next event has gold because we stay 1 month without ninjas. Shame.