Sad to see

just thought id comment about the amount of alliances that are struggling to field a full fighting alliance ,this season I noticed a number of alliances who were fighting with empty slots ,we took out 1st place with 5 or more empty slots and all our competitors had similar gaps.

I remember reading warnings from players to Flare about being too greedy and loosing paying players,is this the case is our little gaming community shrinking ?  I sincerely hope not,


A lot of times it’s the alliances fault why they didn’t fill up, not just flare. 1,000’s alliance out there completing for the good one’s that very rarely leave theirs.

Bubba, you are right. Many players have quit. Especially at the top. Too heavy grinding and cash needed. We don’t really see this, because most of the players that quit, leave their accounts for their alliances. Other alliance players take over those accounts. You can already find players that run up to 10 top accounts.

Imagine the time and cash needed to do it. This is a full time job. Surely, many other players will finally collapse and quit.

It may sound a bit funny, but at the end you may find a single player running all the 60 accounts in a top alliance.

Also, there is a false picture of the players amount in the game. Too many disposable accounts were created lately for the uber chests and voucher friends.


How can I takeover another alliance member’s account?  I would think you need Flare’s help to do that, and I don’t see any reason for them to provide that help.

Not a problem, as long as the original owner of the account is willing to do this. Players even sell their accounts sometimes.

No way they need Flare’s help, players can just transfer their accounts with the recent feature that allows that. Also, selling and buying accounts is against the terms of service of the game so those sold/bought accounts should be all banned, so no way Flare will help players with that. But still some people have done it, I bet it’s because they kept the secrecy so nobody ever notices that the account was sold.

Its not allowed cuz could lead to scam.Theres some scam cases but for most deal, everything went well.Ofcourse FG don’t know that theres selling/buying but why would they care if the new buyer spend more gems ? Iran Power bought his account for 10k$, went to spend even more I’m sure and quit after less than a year (maybe even less than 6months lol)

wow I knew there was a bit o passin on accounts but 10k to play with ,im presuming…the big boys & girls is definitely a case of instant gratification due to too much money … an on that note… goin cheap… + a 1974 boys school shorts with slingshot and marbles still in the pocket  AAnnD a half eaten jam sandwiche …get at me …goin once …