Salut to the Captain

This is just a salute to @CaptainMorgan, who besides (hopefully) trying to solve problems and killing bugs, keeps us informed and tries to chill the community!

Hats down before him, not many could deal with so many things at once, but still maintain a chill moode.

One last question to you @CaptainMorgan: what is @flaretara and @GalaMorgane doing? Aren’t they CMs?

This is supposed to be their job, right? To cool people down and inform us about what is going on…?



It’s always nice to know that some users are still supportive, so thank you, but it is of course important to us that we never forget the frustration and disappointment we are causing you guys.

It’s a nasty side-effect of client-server based games with tens of thousands of active users that errors like this can occur for users but never show up in testing. This is no excuse, but it is also frustrating for us to see you guys having these problems and not succeed in fixing them for several updates.

Hopefully in the future we will see improvements to the communication with you guys which will be more satisfactory. Until then I will try and keep you in the loop as and when I am able. We in the dev team love our community and we hate to see you guys pissed off with the game and with us - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be!

Thanks again for the support, and sorry (again ?) for the problems.

@CaptainMorgan Thank you. A least we see you try hard to fix this game. Same if its really frustrating for everyone here. At least you give all your 100% to fix all this shit who happen since 4.0. We are lucky to have you here. Happy to see this. Same if the rewards was ridiculous with 200 gems at least you give rewards and take time to make your apologies in person. We have none of this in RR2 they cannot fix bugs,ignore us, don’t give any rewards for a problem or don’t care of their customers. So a big +1 for you to take time to come in person on the forum

@Gerger Apparently GalaMorgane do a wonderful job. I have create a topic in RR2 about her and the majority have insult me and so on because they all think she do a great job. I have ask for a new CM but GalaMorgane don’t care about OR section. Apparently OR section his a non relevant section composed of 95% topic not interesting. Apparently GalaMorgane don’t care of you because you are a toxic community. So she prefer stay in RR2 section where everyone admire her and kiss his feet same if she do nothing. i don’t see this but apparently she work really hard. I don’t know where but everyone say she work really hard. So don’t waste your time to tag her. She will ignore you

I have suggest to have 2 CM. 1 in a day and 1 in a night but apparently I don’t think Flare have read it and I don’t think Flare care about the lack of communication

So we have CaptainMorgan and probably we will never have more. Sad…you will be all alone


Please mind your language. Thank you, 


Again, mind your language or I´ll just lock the thread.



huh??? mind your language? I only see questions about your function that you never answer @GalaMorgane. If you are not the CM for OR than just inform us so we know it. If you ARE our CM for OR then it would be nice to hear from you more often.

You have been introduced to us as CM, you’ve sent us a warm welcome and that’s it, basically. Since then we dare to ask you to do your job as CM but the only thing we hear from you are posts like the ones above.

It would be very nice of you if you could be so kind to make a clear statement about what we are allowed to expect from you. Was that polite enough?


Love how she pops up when it’s nothing to do with the actual issues or to keep us, the community and the ones that pay all of their wages, informed.

It’s insulting as it proved she’s looking and reading, but chooses do nothing whatsoever other than be patronising.

As I’ve said, galamorgane would pull someone about swearing at the lack of lifeboats as the Titanic sinks.

I see no bad or inappropriate language, just criticism. 

Maybe you should address the points that are continually raised about the lack of community management rather?

My previous content was removed due to “inapropriate” language…

If I offended you, @GalaMorgane, i am here to say sorry. You don’t have to wait days…weeks for that.

I say sorry within hours. I can do that. I take the effort…to write.

If you could respect your community here the same way, or just one third like some of us do, none of the above would have happened.

Pity that you only show up, threatening to lock the post down, and still not answering the tons of questions towards you…

I respectfuly ask you to define “Community Manager”.

I’m sure it is me, who does not know, what this term means, since english is not my native language. Enlighten me please…

I hope I used proper language now!



Since Gala replies only in RR2, go and ask her there ?