Same Item, Different Meltdown and Price

I just opened up 6 chests from the festival. Upon opening them I received 3 Eternal Night wings.

I kept the first. Sold the second immediately. Kept the third to melt down.

When I opened up my inventory, this is what I saw:

Same exact item, stats are identical, yet gems received from meltdown and sale price is different???



this issue same for everyone.

I sent a ticket to support asking about that before, this was the answer I got:

"The Pearl value of any given Hero Item is most directly related to the Item’s Gold value.

The Gold value is determined by the source the Item was received from, as well as other aspects such as level and rarity.  As such, it is possible for two Items of the same type, with the same level, stats, and rarity, to have different Gold values if they were obtained from different sources.

We hope this helps to answer your question.  Take care."

But in your case they were obtained from the same source, so I don’t know ?

Hi Pepper1212,

Thank you for posting this. :slight_smile: We’ve added it to our database. :grinning: