Sand box

Please create a few tiles off to the side where workers can upgrade towers and traps while not impacting defenses.

Your tower still does it work even its still upgrading :slight_smile:

Are you referring to when you are replacing a tower/trap with a different type?

What I am referring to is if you want to start a new skull for example. Build it in the sand box and keep your high level towers in your defense path. I have a bunch of low level items upgrading with higher units in storage.

Dont you want a candy too?


Why are you making fun of him? I think it makes perfect sense, its stupid to weaken your defense to be able to make more towers.

Right now its impossible to start a new tower half of the time because of the war.


That’s part of the game. It doesnt make sense this suggestion. Also it’s lucky that the tower doesnt stop while is being upgrade.

I don’t think so. Why should I weaken m defense to be able to make it stronger?

Because everyone else has to or has already done so …

So what? If everyone else jumps off a cliff will you do it too?

What I mean is that to be able to start new towers or obstacles without harming your defense would be a good idea.

I don’t agree, if that had been the case from the start fair enough, but it wasn’t, this game has been watered down far too much in terms of give aways compared to its original format. And in answer to your out of context reply, no I wouldn’t, I was however pointing out that it is the same for everyone, so no advantage should be gained in the long term by waiting.

The game is constantly changing.


And " because everyone has already done so" is an out of context answer and it looks like an excuse to cover for your own interests.

I don’t think this would water down anything. But as I have seen that you always oppose anything that helps lower level/not maxed players I don’t see any reason to continue this argument.

Sure. So, by this point of view, I want to farm gold without being robbed. I want to upgrade towers without needing workers. I want to call troops without needing morale points. :wink:

Its not an argument, its an observation, many players have spent nearly two years playing this game, had to make gold when the best you could get was 30-50k a raid, there was no chamber of fortune and not free gold shield OR max amount that could be lost. Getting 6 million for an upgrade was an all day job, buying food and plodding on until you made the amount, you couldn’t come offline or the whole lot would go. I guess you are one of those that thinks everything should come to you quickly. Many higher level players have spent many months creating bases, raiding for gold, waiting for waves and towers to complete, why should that be devalued because someone like yourself wants it quicker, we did as well but it didn’t happen.

You are missing the point again, both of you.

Did I ever mention quicker?

Your observations are far too biased. Nothing would be devalued, a max skull will keep being a max skull, more people having them won’t make them make less damage.

Would you rather play all day to get 6 millions gold? I think those changes you mentioned are the few things I do like about the updates the game has had.

Our opinions are too different, we wont ever reach an agreement.

I agree I didn’t want to play all day to make gold, but I did! Some of the changes have been beneficial of that I have no doubt, but the continual pushing by some on here for faster ways of making gold, quicker upgrades to towers waves etc devalues the time and effort many have put in. If you manage to max your kingdom in a few months maybe a year, do you think it would be right for someone to get to the same level in half the time or better?

I understand your point of view and I agree with it. But we are discussing something else here.


The suggestion proposed in this post is just a way to upgrade your base without weakening it, which could be useful in wars.


This won’t make anything quicker or easier to get gold.


Agreed, his suggestion is perfectly reasonable.  I’ve been annoyed by the same thing he’s complaining about.  And I think it’s pretty bitchy the way people have responded to this comment.