Save forging


thank you for this game. You are doing a good job!

I’ve noticed that the forging bug has been fixed which is at the one hand good - less overpowered heroes and statues - at the other hand the game has lost the most interesting feature in the opinion of many. The thing is once you have reached levels 120-131, there is no much left to do beyond wars - the game gets boring.

My suggestion is following: Return that forging bug back . At the same time bring out a new feature: Forging for towers and barricades. Import new resources like wood, marble etc. that you can buy and forge to better resources - similar to items forging - and apply to your infrastructure that will add either more HP or attack.

This way the interesting game feature will be remained and the balance between attack and defence will be fixed by itself. Odysseus is a nice feature but it’s too slow.

Thanks for reading and good luck


Hey there,

As mentioned in other threads, we may bring a similar feature back to the Forging system (and we will work to improve it), but we will not do this by simply reactivating a bug. We would first ensure that it can be controlled and balanced, and we would make it a feature which is integrated with the system, not exploited unintentionally (or intentionally).

This is a bad decision and I hope you seriously rethink it. Seriously. Bad decision. 

Free advice. 

Bad decision. 

It’s not good. 

Keep your mind open because you’re being self destructive.



bad decision 

Here’s a list of famous inventions which started out as mistakes:

Forging worked differently than you intended it to. We get that. 

_It worked better than your original design. _If what we have right now is how it was “supposed” to work, your design sucked. Just say “uh, yes…this totally awesome game mechanic is exactly how we wanted it to work…sure it is!” And we’ll all pretend to ignore this embarrassing little episode. 

who is your marketing boss? Mickey Mouse? do you think that with an iniquitous game, you will be able to charge us more gems?