Save multiple base layouts & defensive waves

I like to experiment with different base layouts and defensive wave strategies, especially as new towers become available and I upgrade troops and add morale to defensive waves, but it would be extremely helpful if I could save a few to help get the best defence. That way you could optimize your base by trying new layouts without having to put it all back to what you had before if the previous layout worked better. Or maybe have different defensive waves and towers, as one of your saved templates, for different boosts your alliance currently has. That would allow for even more strategy on the defensive side without the time required to constantly change things. Maybe start with 3 and extra save slots could be sold like inventory slots are?

SirSnoop, Very good idea!   :slight_smile:

Waves and towers need to be saved together. Even one slot to save only one base layout will be a 1000 times better than what is now possible. The 3 slot suggestion is awesome.


  1. Some alliances uses one winning pattern of base layout (especially the L shape one). No matter who you fight, it feels like you are fighting the same person. This should improve that situation.

  2. When the war boost ends, it is always a problem to change your defence to optimise for other boosted waves and to do it at the right time and there is sometimes no time available to do anything. Some people will for instance change their waves to include wolfs a few hours before the war boost is activated. They are easily defeated during that time.

  3. Sometimes in the game, there is nothing to do, but to wait for upgrades to finish and for farms to produce more food. To create a new base layout takes me about an hour of no interruptions. (I therefore do not change my layout much)  This option will make it possible to utilise that 10min here and there to do better base design.

In terms of new ideas for defence strategy, this is definitely one of the very best ones. For me this will be a game changer feature (it will totally change the way I play the game).  :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to get them to notice this idea for the longest time!

It is a very nice one, especially with the introduction of season/war boosts. During first day of season you want some defense that supports the season boosts. When season/war/normal boosts go inactive, you really need to switch troops and towers fast. During the time you switch you can be raided, so throwing all towers and troops out is risky. 

Switching between two base designs would be a perfect solution, you could work one out during recess and switch in a blink of an eye this way, not hurting your team at all.  

It looks like this was asked before as Maerique say:

Maerique, I could not get your suggestion on this, but this one is also awesome!  :slight_smile:

So what do we need to do to get feedback and movement on these important things?  :slightly_frowning_face:

(Maybe Flare can setup gamebots, with names that represent these suggestions and we can attack them until they listen? :angry:

I’m assuming they only notice topics with a high number of responses/participants so it’s unlikely anything will happen unless a LOT of people actively push for this. Grassroots campaign for change activate! ?

I want this!!!

I want this NOW!!!  :wink:

This is indeed a nice idea. In fact many other games use it. one that i know of is BOOM BEACH. One more thing that can be very helpful is same saving system for attack too.

they can provide us 3-4 decks in hero items so that we can arrange them for gold/scream/leadership/skull gears according to our needs. changing every item for each attack is so tiring. we shud be able to change whole deck that with just one click.

we can post this thread in facebook groups and get more opinion from others. I already know many people who want it.

This will also help when the free pre-war boosts time ends.  :slight_smile:

Why is this idea still not a thing in the game? It’s a real pain having to change your entire layout each time between Wars and Non-war periods.

I agree we’ve asked for this for a long time and it makes sense. And it would bring back some interest to base strategy - as of right now it’s such a pain to move things around frequently that i just gave up on adapting my base,I’m no longer trying new base designs and it just stays at is it regardless of current boosts etc.

It would help a lot during war season. Prepare a base for war season boosts and when the boosts expire, just switch to new layout. It also gives you options to play with your base and switch back to original one, if you don’t like the changes. Also, it happens often just to move a part of the base by accident. It’s hard to directly respond and restore the path. When this happens during war season, it can be a nightmare.

War season or not, it’s just an extremely helpul tool for base design. The only reason I can think of for it not being implemented is that they haven’t figured out how to do it and/or were distracted by easier and quicker things (like things that require money). It’s been a year and half since this has been suggested, for flare’s sake!

I was away from the game for 9 months. A lot of great new things was implemented that was asked for 9 months ago. At first I was surprised that this feature was missing.

Although this feature is very easy to implement and it is even easier to make money from it (by buying slots for gems). This will however never be implemented because it breaks the fundamental gaming experience of RR2. That is - there should not be anything useful to be done at the Castle - unless it is almost impossible and takes hours to accomplish. The only useful thing to do should be to fight all the time. 

This feature will break RR2 forever and fundamentally change the way the game is played. This will break all the valuable stats and analytics Flare has been collected over the past 5-6 years.  :slightly_frowning_face:

Flare don’t care of RR2 anymore that why 90% of stuffs are not implemented in the game. Just go in OR section and read in general discussion the topic about 4.0 and read it. You see a developer who talk,listen and we exchange idea and suggestion. CaptainMorgan take time to like post if he like the idea,etc…

Here is dead. I don’t know why we invest too much time to try to improve the game. Flare don’t listen anyway