Save our Dragons: nerf incoming?

All the big nerfs on last balancing changes were kinda announced on a Watch List post since over a year ago! We just didn’t know how harsh they would be.

Now look what are the only things remaining unchanged on that list:

Why does flare feel the need to nerf the dragons? I mean, they aren’t that great as of right now, especially the Ice Dragon. I can understand if they SLIGHTLY decrease the fire damage on the Fire Dragon. I see no need to change the dragons at all and I don’t understand why those are even on the the watch list in the first place!

Because they want you to spend even more gems? Or it was a rhetorical question? 

But isn’t that post from may 29.2017? Don’t think it’s ever gonna happen anytime soon.


I hope not, I just switched form Melee style to long range because of the changes… And that with semi good success…

Just look at the other stuff on the list. A lot of those things were on the last balancing changes that happened this month!

Yeah just noticed… so sad

The ice dragon isn’t great xD don’t want it to get nerfed, but it’s the best offensive troop in the game

Maybe they are increasing the power of dragons in defense. That would help since dragons in defense aren’t very useful.

Then again we hardly ever see a defensive dragon. 

Woot, Dragofroster, Cannon and Monk/Wolf is my go to combo now. Since the update I just can’t raid with WOK anymore. And this new combo is also not the best imho. Using range troops feels so slow, like the feeling that you know, if you used WOK it would have gone faster.

Thank you to post this. I was planning to forge my Froster and Pyromancer but if they will become useless like each thing Flare touch. You save me time and pearls. However its sad to see each stuffs be nerfed and scrapped. Dragon was my favorite stuff in the game. Now I guess still Necromancer.The main reason why Flare lose players. RR2 one day will reach the point of no return ‘‘Die (1)’’

  1. I mean die in the means at the speed RR2 lose players one day Flare will realise no one left in the game. Same if that take time before everyone stop playing. Still at the speed player become inactive and the number of inactive one. Its obvious with nerf and more nerf. RR2 go down each update

That you don’t forge froster I can understand, you can’t increase range. But forging pyro on attack rate and range is definitely smart to do. Even if they nerf dragon appearance, by improving attack rate, dragons still will appear faster. and by increasing pyro range to 6+ you can also destroy cannons before they soot, plus hit firebolts on adjacent lane. 

So I would still suggest you to forge that pyro. Hint, next season boost is pyro range. When you improve what I said, you have the benefits from that during next war season.


the picture with Daenerys cracked me up haha.

At this given moment there are no plans to touch ice & fire dragon power.

If we have plans to do so in the future, we will inform you in the “Upcoming Balancing Changes” section.


Why I feel like a stranger here? I never watched Game Of thrones. 

It’s the same for me.

Stone dragon is nerfed.

Those I never used. I read about it, it’s harder to get stone dragons now. Before it was easy to get them, now you can feel fortunate to get 1 or 2 of them.

Paladin with double boost is good against Phoebe beast. However Holy Paladin is nerfed and its weakness to ice damage and poison damage has increased significantly. And for this reason, it’s harder to get stone dragons.

In the beginning, paladins were really weak to ice, a blizzard was enough to kill them. Then that ice weakness was reduced for a reason and with so called balance, their weakness to ice was again increased. 

Keen Flare and Flaregames reduced ice weakness to add normal damage weakness.

? Go watch it Asap! You have 7 seasons to watch until summer 2019.

I can’t, I must play RR2 instead in the little remaining free time ? I have left.