Save Slots for Granny

So hey, I recently came across two good items from Granny (weird, right?) and I didn’t have enough gold to buy one of them (The other was gems, so I wasn’t buying that one lol). I was wondering if we could get “Save Slots” into the game. This way if we couldn’t afford items, we could save them to buy when we could afford them. I think this would be a great add

that is a great idea, but i dont think that will be implemented in the game.

There are much better things they could be working on, this feature would be hardly ever used. 

ps: hey manoj, great to see you back



I’d be more interested in something to temporarily store gold beyond the vault capacity, so I don’t waste excess loot when I need to reach that exact 15M.

Once more I come up with my suggestion to remove Granny completely and add a defensive Catapult on the open space then.

As if defense wasn’t OP enough right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s technically still a tower DEFENSE game.

But yeah.