Saving base layout templates

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could save a few base defense layouts saved, so i don’t have to loose time on this ridiculous micro management?


For example, I could have:

  • regular layout (blockades)

  • war layout (barricades and certain troops on boost)

  • open base (for sharing gold in alliance, or to fool greedy players)


As it is, I still do these changes, but it’s a waste of time and nobody enjoys it. This would streamline the gameplay and leave more time to actually enjoy the game instead this.



Since now gear preset are introduced, maybe it’s time to introduce something even more useful IMO.

It would save a lot of time for many players, and does not affect money making potential of the game. In fact, it would possibly leave more time for paying players to, well, pay, or have more high level towers  that they upgrade with gems…