Say What??

Hey Guys!

Please help the stupid American. When logging in to RR2 today I got a message in a language I donno. Could someone translate this to English for me?


It’s not a strange language it’s latin. But since i dunno latin i can’t translate it, try with google translate ^^

I had same results using google. but thanks for trying, bro. GL in the war. Im comming to get u :grinning:

…just got same message again. what you telling me flare? you make me speak English when im talking to you, dammit. no fair! lolz


I think it’s a buggy message. I got it now as well and did get it before after the latest update (on windows), Aether said back then not to pay attention to it.


Please ignore the message, it is a test message :grinning:


ill disreguard then…

Well,i studied Latin at school but now i don’t remember it anymore LOL

Its Lorem Ipsum, we use it in design as fake text while waiting for the real content.

Damn you studied a lot of languages but stopped learning them at some point xD

FG is testing their players feedback.

…the day i learn Latin ya wont find me trolling any video game forum…

play dr mule and write myself a script for some oxy and liquid morphine ooOO00)))))

…ill be in the parking lot of a drug store tripping balls. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee