Scaling of the pro league tiers

I was looking at a topic in “general discussions” where other players, like me, feel the current tier computation for the pro league, most of the times, doesn’t suit the actual rank achieved. (I don’t know how to link that topic to this one, but it is the one “PL Tiers need to be severely reworked!” by @AwesomestKnightest)

Like @LacunaC, I finished within the top 60s this pro league. And, however feeling the placing didn’t correspond to the rewards, I acknowledge I didn’t make a score nearly as good as the top 10 players.

But that doesn’t prevent me to ask how is it possible that not even the top 1 got the top reward? I mean, if the guy that makes it better, above all the others, doesn’t get full reward, who does? No one, that’s the answer.

So, what in my opinion should be done is sort of a mix between the first solution that was presented when the pro league showed up and the current one, the tiers one. I believe the top 1 should always get the top reward, he performed better than every other player, he should be properly rewarded for that (of course he gets a gold crown, but that’s just bling-bling. No actual value in-game value for that). And the tiers would be scaled according to the score obtained by the top player. Pretty much the existing solution but, instead of fixed values, set a priori, for the tiers, these would be dependent on the best scorer.

Not sure what other people think, but I would like to hear some opinions.

But even if all this is too tricky to implement, or we find out it is complete nonsense, I would suggest that top 100 players should always receive 1 pro league ticket within their rewards, or in addition to those. That way, I would feel that, even though I got a disappointing amount of pro chests, my participation wasn’t just a wasted pro ticket.

Best regards!

Totally agree, rewards need to be completely revamped

Revamped? of course the price should be X20. too much ridiculous rigth now. Be top 50 don’t worth it and lose same the free ticket for this don’t worth it. Its the main reason I don’t do Pro League. I don’t care. If you are patient enough. Just do Conquest and Accumulate Pro chests. After 5 or 6 Conquests you will have over 100k. Enough to buy stuffs. Why we should lose time to do PL? for crown decoration on our profile? No thanks

But in your conquest tiers you can’t get pro chests.

if you are in low tier ok but everyone who can be in top tier or just the one up the Veteran Scout. its at least 1 Pro chest so 6k-7k per chest or more. So if you are in the one with 3 Pro chests its close 18k-20k or more for 1 Conquest

Edit : thanks to Awesomestknightest for his video on Conquest Rewards. I have change my number of crystal for a precise answer

Well, I see your point @Warriornator. But personally I look to pro league as a main source of gems and pearls. Crystals are fine of course, but their use is limited.

But, anyways, conquest and pro league are two different game modes. And even if you may get pro chests from conquest, that shouldn’t invalidate that top performing players in pro league get rewards that correspond to their efforts. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what you said. But your approach is one of someone who complied with the situation, and I believe that a best way to tackle the problem is to propose and discuss a solution instead.

The current situation is such that flare defines the scores one should achieve to get certain rewards. In my opinion, a top reward (15k crystals and 10 pro chests, I mean) should only be set to a 2100+ score whenever flare knows that such score is manageable. Either by having one of their developers, or having an agreement with proved skilled players, testing that pro league prior to release.

Since many of the pro leagues are recurrent by now, at best flare could rely on the score history of that particular pro league to set the tiers. Never having a top reward being given away at a 2100+ score whenever in the total history of that particular pro league only a 1950 (for instance) was achieved. Still, in my opinion, having the tiers set according the result of the best scorer in that specific pro league (the current one, no history into account) would be the way to go.

Specific example given this last Tower Madness Cup pro league:

Top scorer: 1875

Top tier: 1800+ (for those getting better scores than 96% of the participants - analogous with 2100+ being to 2190)

2nd best tier: X to 1799 (for those getting better scores than Y% of the participants - didn’t make the analogy here because I can’t recall the original tier values)