SCAM Reward Offers in Tapjoy

Hi, I use Tapjoy to earn gems in RR2 same as many players.


But this site is a scam. Offer name is

Do not enter it.( )


I tried to contact Tapjoy but I couldn’t. Maybe Flare can.


Here is a link about user complains.

The site charges you $1 for 5 days trial. If you do not cancel it in 5 days, it will charge $39.

But the problem is, there is not any support or cancel link or mail.

It’s true, this website is a scam. Here’s how the website is scamming you:


  1. They redirect you to another registration site that offers no tapjoy rewards

  2. They charge you for $1 for trial even though it says its free

  3. They don’t answer to their “support” emails

  4. They charge you another $1 to cancel your subscription “on time”

  5. They crunch time deliberately to charge you for a full subscription.


in other words… AVOID IT by all means!



Thanks for the report, I’ll forward it.