schedule of next ninja event



It seems to me that with the latest laintenance to fix the server crashing issues for the current war, the ninja event has been re-scheduled in 7 days, and not in 31 days as before ?

Am i wrong ?

Because i bought some ninja thinking they would be available for 30 days and now they would only be available for 7 days?

So i feel a little beat…annoyed.

As mentioned in the 2.5 patchnotes, there is a ninja event every 2 weeks. 

One week ninja event, one week war season. :grinning:

ok i’m informed now.

but when i bought my ninja (not earned them in the event, but bought them with gems), i thought they would last 30 days as mentionned in the schedule displayed in the game.

u understand Alysea that the decision of purchase i made was influenced by the time of duration of my ninja when i bought them. spending 90 gems per ninja for 30 days duration or 90 gems for 7 days duration is not the same.

Tx for reply admin … Now won’t be duped again… the 90+ gems each slot x 2/3 who paid coz they went by checking the ticker (default) on ninja gate.  

Yup I unterstand. 

If you want help about a refund, the only solution is to contact the support team as I cannot handle this. 

The incorrect timer was related to the change in time for the event, that started on Sunday instead of Friday. 

thanks Alysea