scolls durning game play waste money

I don’t like the fact the scrolls is placed in the top right corner during a battle. I keep clicking them when selecting the next tower, or when moving to a new place to fight. please move them or give me a way to deselect them. I will not pay for any gem because of this reason. waste of money! yes. thank you very for the time :angry:


Start the battle with the first touch of your finger and the hero moves itself where you move your finger, without removing it and the problem solves itself :slight_smile:

drag your fingers instead of clicking  :grinning:

I like to click fare away areas that I don’t need to drag with and do power ups or call my army. it help get those last towers, in the long run!.

Must be added the option in the settings - confirms the use of scrolls.And necessarily to be confirmation of the use of accelerating the construction!

agreed. it should pause the game and ask for confirmation. at least make it possible in settings

Moved to suggestions.

I don’t like using the scrolls either.  Waste of gems.  And I really hate they made it so hard to get any gems…in the first place.