Scouting Before Attacking!!

I know this is already in the game, but I think the guys at flaregames could step this up one notch. In other tower defense games like CoC and SWC, you can scout the other persons base for a limited amount of time before you decide to move on to another opponent or to attack. I think this would be great if we could do this. This way we can see tower placement. To make things funner, don’t make it like the view of your own defensive overview. Make it like a real scout. You are hiding in the mountaintop and are looking out over the defense, you can move the hero around and everything. You did something like this in Olympus Rising, you can do it again in Royal Revolt 2. I’d love to see this implemented

What did they do in OR?

you can go to the view of your hero through your base

That doesn’t explain much. Is it first person? Is it just a different camera position? Why would someone need to scout their own base?

Okay yeah, sorry. You have two views. One is the normal overhead view of your base. The 2nd is a view from the ground. It’s like you are actually there. In OR it is not to scout your own base, but it’s just to change things up from the normal view. You can also go into your alliance tower and visit other players bases in your alliance

Ah, okay. That’s cool, why don’t they do that with Rr2?

Not sure, it would be really cool. It only came out a few months ago in OR, so it may be being worked on for RR2 at the moment!

In OR its pretty cool. I like it. Hope to see this in RR2 :wink: