Scream boost - Offence should become higher

The hero scream or scream boost only fasters the unit and the hero which helps against ice damage only. But what about fire or poison damage FLAREGAMES? The defenses are getting stronger from time to time and now there are 42 morale points, does this mean we can never do 100% without scrolling? There are items which give scream boost like 10% , 20% and 30%(max) but every 10% increase only reduces the time by 1.5 seconds( 22 at starting). So what is the use of items like that? I think you guys should focus on helping the attack too. Also the scream boost should remove every damage , the real point is. What say rr2 players?

I agree with this, it could be kind of illogical how a scream will cure poison or stop a troop from being on fire, but you’re right when you say it seems Flaregames is not helping the attack, I guess even in highest levels you shouldn’t be forced to use scrolls to get 100% on raids.

Corporal flare focuses on adding additiontal waves and giving more health to troops but nothing for attack

While I definitely agree, defense has lately been more focused on by recent updates and upgrades, and that defense might be a bit overpowered currently, I don’t think a “fix it all” mega scream is the solution to this. If you want a “click to unleash doom” button, then go for battle cry, and that rightfully costs gems, as it is be too strong/overpowered to be free :grinning:


Believe me, having 60% scream boost gear is helpful and does make a difference. On thing to keep in mind is that there might be like 21s (depending on your king lvl) cooldown without scream boost, but the scream boost itself also lasts a while (maybe 5-6 seconds?), during which the cooldown already takes place, so the effective “gap” between 2 screams is rather 15s… and if you then remove (60% / 10% * 1.5s) = 9s from that, the pause between screams is only 15s-9s = 6s, which is definitely helpful. 


And let’s not forget, originally hero scream did NOT speed up your king/troops and did NOT make them immune to slow effects, so it is a lot stronger than it has been originally. Sure, it doesn’t heal poison or burning, but hey heal spell (which does that) doesn’t undo slow either, and for heal you have to pay lots of gold to level it up in first place. 

Also, at the current state of the game, poison is rarely a concern with all the boosts out there, main damage you will face is blunt, piercing, ice, with some fire (blazing knights and firebolt towers) in between, at least on high lvl gameplay. And at medium lvl gameplay, you can just as well use the heal spell for healing fire/poison over time damage. Giving hero scream the same ability would “rob” the heal spell of one of its last advantages over the shield spell - being the only way of curing DoT effects - and shield is currently already a lot stronger than heal. So giving the hero scream a “heal DoT” effect would make the heal spell redundant/useless altogether. 

scream boost should be changed into cooldown reduction, max 10% per item, stacks multiplicatively, reduce the cooldown of spells and scream.

scream should remove all debuffs, not just ice.

Scream boost should reduce spell cooldown and remove any debuff? oO

Then you can just as well remove any other secondary equipment stats for they’ll be comparatively worthless, while scream will be overpowered. 

well, they will not be 30%, just 5% or so. 

Scream not only removes freeze effect but also removes stun from the mummies and scare from the werewolf. Lets not forget those :slight_smile:


But, please remember. Flaregames is into profit, not the people playing the game, and if our offense was rocking then Flaregames ‘might’ see a 0.01% decrease in their profit margin…roflmao!