Screen is unresponsive while raiding on android device

Hi @Lisa @FTB

I am playing RR2 on Android device and before the new update it was running buttery smooth. But after the new update to 4.0, the screen becomes unresponsive while raiding the players. It’s so annoying and irritating. You guys should look into this as soon as possible. It’s no fun now playing the game. ??

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Funny this is in the bugs section!!!


Screen is unresponsive while raiding on android device

By Averruncus, Yesterday at 01:48 AM in Bugs & Problems 


I have the same problem!


I cant play , i shuld tuch 10 times, but that not work

@Averruncus, @Mohsenking what kind of devices and Android version do you two use?

And is the screen completely unresponsive from the beginning of a battle or does the screen only becomes unresponsive while spawing troops? 

It becomes unresponsive when multiple touch is on the screen. For example, when I try to pull back an opponent’s beast, one finger will be on the screen to do the pulling/pushing. When this happens, if I want to press another spell simultaneously, like a shield spell or toxic, it won’t respond. I have to let go of my other finger that was used to push the beast first before I can cast shield or toxic.


P.s. if only I had a dollar as to the amount of times I died because of this.

Well i use moto e3 power with android 6.0

The same!

And my alli freands have too !

Really backt to ver. 3.9!

Hi, wenn ich im angrief bin und ich möchte mein Held vor schieben und gleichzeitig ein magie oder zauber benutze oder gleichteitig ein trupp bringe, wird nicht funktionieren nur wird ein von diese 2 oder 3 befehl funktionieren!

Es sind mehrere Leute in mein Ali, die dieses Problem haben alle haben android!

Ich habe samsung galaxy edge 6 und letzte ver. Vom android!



Same problem you have to stand still to use spells or call troops. So you die… is not working correctly.

Also android s7

Thanks to all of you for reporting this issue. :grinning: The bug you are all describing is the multi touch issue that we are aware of. We are still actively working on fixing it.


But just to be sure, @Averruncus :

Do you have exactly the same issue that are all other users describing in this thread or is it different?

How long shuld we wait? ??

I have the same problem on my Honor 8, android 7.0



No answer?!

Yeah same problem…and believe me it’s very very very annoying… ?

Bueno, mira, mi problema es que cuando ataque, porque en el momento en que muevo al rey y quiero activar un hechizo o el grito heorico o que me pida una tropa, no lo hace, y antes de que sacaran la version 4.0 ese problema no lo tenía,y quiero que lo resuelvan porque esto también les sucede a mis amigos y a los de mi alianza, y el problema que me causó, es que no puedo ganar ninguna batalla por ese problema, porque Nunca activa el hechizo que quiero y la tropa cuando tengo la suficiente moral para pedir esa tropa.

Así que esperó para resolver ese problema, y la versión de mi Android es 5.0.1



wird was?oder soll ich das spiel löschen und was anderes probieren?

So ein scheiß immer ein up und sind die hälftige Funktionen weg!

Was hat ihr von neu up? Nichts, viele verlassen das Spiel!

Das wird ihr?


You’d be able to buy a Lamborghini! 

Hi there,

We are sorry, the issue is not fixed yet. As previously mentioned we are working hard to fix the issue soon and we will let you know in the official announcements when it will be done.

However, please refrain from tagging staff in the future, it does not speed up the process. Also as said the official language in this forum is English.

Thank you.


Screen is unresponsive while raiding on android device after the game upgraid


Samsung Galaxy S7

Android version 8