Screen play error

This error lasts during full raid, but unfortunately can’t upload the whole 2.44 min video. 

I don’t know what is the cause for this, but it’s lasting for 4 days. 

Hope for a quick fix for richer gameplay. 


Hi KrugrexKudgel,

Thanks for committing, unfortunately, the video format is not supported by the forum. Could you try sharing a youtube link maybe or converting it into another format?

Thank you!



Alright thank you! Looks like there’s a crazy party going on in the background lol.

Could you also add your device and IGN please? Thank you!

Device: Redmi note 4(4gb ram) 

IGN : xAdrenalinxx 

P.S: Happens often when ceres forms a huge number of army. And freezes for a second. 


We are experiencing this same issue. Reports from many alliance members on many devices. It started occurring during conquest, after the upgrade and has continued all weekend. Makes it quite hard to battle… 

I was not using Ceres and he was not the beast. So I do not think it is to do with him? Everything just goes nuts with flashing colors everywhere?

Thank you for posting the video and screenshots. We have noticed the issue as well and added it to our database.

More of this being reported this morning? From several players… with only 4 war battles available. This is affecting play? Any updates on what is causing it?


since version 5.2 this kind of display errors occur regularly under Windows 10 (1903).
After restarting the game these are mostly gone again.