Screen still freezing in Game

ign: mischreiber1967

Phone: Samsung S7+

OS: Android 8

The game is still freezing (no crashes or disconnection) every few seconds. even scrolling over the map and in game chat let the screen freeze.

Raids are impossible since day two in conquest.

Its the same problem like in last conquest season. It begun again after day two.

When will you fix it!!!

Every raid with these amount of screen freeze is wasted time and money. The only who are happy is the one who i attack because he got some gems from my scrolls and revive. 

the same problem when you have only 3 attempts to beat the player and 3 times crash game

  • trophies.

you did not help the team

its weekend already. no work. they will get back to us on monday germany time 

the same here j7 Android 8