Screenshot of the Day :)


The 1st dungeon

Level up with no experience Ahhaha

(: /: -:

(: /: -:

fae skata mastora!



Old one was lost. Enjoy new :)))

wp_ss_20160504_0006 [5085].png

ive had that issue. (this pic is months old thou)

pav3 - Copy.PNG.jpg

congrats on the LV ^ btw

your pic actually more amusing :sunglasses:

0% of sctructures, but destroyed all waves and got ~30000 exp

mummy 4

intentionally for picture :slight_smile:

I found first picture from 08 march 2015 !!!

It is even more interesting - expierience 0 for next level

absolutely exact hit - scored as much experience as it was necessary for 82


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Ive got one more wild pic id like to show you.

But perhaps its more fitting to wait until Victory Day to post…

<evil laugh muahhhhhhhhhhhh :lol: