Scroll shield

I think it would be great if there were a new kind of purchasable boost, in addition to gold shields: One that prevents other players from using scrolls while raiding your base. I’d be totally happy to log out with lots of gold in my treasure chamber if I knew that my defenses actually meant something.

Although I guess it would need to be balanced somehow so that the highest ranked players don’t use it to become completely unbeatable. But anyway, just a thought. Please proceed to poke holes in it. :slight_smile:

have you concentrated on raising the level of your towers baracades and waves? I have attacked some fob"s that were very built and didn’t get much of the loot. at the same time I have attacked some that had a lot of towers and other defense and they went down so friggin fast it was funny. you could tell they werent upgraded to their full potential.  I noticed that in my own base. as soon as I upgraded what I had the attackers got alot less from me.

My defense (when I actually bother to deploy one) is fine. Usually no one gets past 25% or so, unless they are really strong/good and then they might get to around 75%. I can’t do better than around 60% on my own base. I’ve seen a few players get 100%, without scrolls, but it’s very rare.

But with scrolls almost anyone above 2K trophies can get 100% on my base, every time. There’s simply no defense in the game, no matter how good, that can hold up against a player willing to use scrolls. Not even the players in the top 10. So in a way, what’s the point of improving defense at all unless I’m trying to make a serious run for the top of the leaderboards, to slow people down a bit and ensure a steady income of free gems?

It would be fun to leave a bunch of gold in my treasure chamber and challenge myself to making a good enough defense that can (mostly) protect that gold. But with the current system, it’s completely stupid to do that because I’m basically just giving away easy gold to anyone willing to blow few gems. The “I win” buttons can be fun in the offensive game sometimes, but they make the defensive game pretty farcical.

I’ve had a lot more fun with this game ever since I just opened my base, focused only on offensive upgrades and leveling my king, and adopted a “farm it and spend it immediately” policy. Which is fine, I guess, but it seems a shame there’s a whole other side to the game going to waste.

well this game is set in a looting maurading  type atmosphere as I have said In other posts I am having fun with the fighting and putting someone on my fav. list that has been attacking me a lot so I can get revenge later. kill kill kill!!!

Cant we preserve our gold shields and use them all at once?

you can buy all them at once yes

If you can afford, put the 3 day and 7 day at once and when it cools(10 days), you can again put them both. for a buffer you can add the free gold sheild too. But 7days is very costly and i never used till now. With the new update I often start with full silo and farms and then at the end, if i need more money, I will put free shield and 3hour shiled simultaneously for 6 more hours. At the end of six hours, I will again play with full silo and farms. This usually works for me upto 3+mil on regular loots and 4+ if i get some high loots and more food from chamber of fortune or I already have some loot in my chamber before i started like 750 protect at max level of treasure chamber.

yup. I do sthe same desi with so many marauders you need GS. I have a question though. when I put up a shield it seems like I don’t get attacked is there a way to see if someone has a shield on? cause I do have a king that has taken a personal interest in me and has been attacking me as much as possible. btu that’s okay I give it back. but when I shield up I get almost no attacks from anyone


The length of the cooldown on each of these prevents seamless gold shield application - even when the 1-day, 3-hour and free gold shields are introduced.  Altogether, a total of about 2 days remains unprotected per cycle.  

not if layered properly with the 3 hour ones im on day 14 of shield i think lol