scrolls for pearls please

Can we get back the scrolls for pearls option

It was one of the better fight options in the game, even if it s only one scroll : time or portal, otherwise high level players will stack up pearls, as the smith doesn t consume that much Pearls

I found it very handy during war, and the opponent gets some gems because of it

i think before war there should

be an option- use gems for scrolls

or pearls :slight_smile:


Agree only gems sucks :confused:

Seriously? Pearls are hard to get and gems are easy to get so … best option is paying all scrolls  WITH GEMS.

for people that don’t pay for gems… pearls is a better option


wait untill you’re over level 90

I’m over level 90 and I actually prefer all scrolls with gems, the pearl cost per scroll was too high in my opinion…

A choice would be even better, you select which medium to pay with prior to the raid.

I need the gems i harvested with sweat and pain for other things

Never use scrolls

Pearls on the other hand, i can only waste at smithie… I want the choice to do what i want with those…

I only used portal or timewarp when i could pay with pearls…


Same here, never bother with scrolls anymore