Scrolls or cursor change please!!!

I use a laptop for playing this game…mouse control in game is less than perfect to say the least it is also way to small and at times it’s easily lost on screen due to the amount of graphics…


Can the actual size of the cursor in game be resized to something more visible…maybe even larger…or perhaps have the actual scroll icon optional…have have lost far to many gems due to it’s location…


Basically the combination of the cursor size , sensitivity and scroll location just doesn’t work well for me…I’m quite sure there are a few more players experiencing the same thing…


Playing on laptop too, i do have the same cursor problem, lost, or hardly visible.

I also play in laptop, sometimes in bright landscapes the cursor gets lost but it’s not common at all

Playing on a laptop and I lose the cursor almost every single match. And it is not a difficult problem to solve. Same with the scrolls. It’s a pretty sleazy way to get people to “spend gems.” Aren’t you a better company than that? And if you aren’t, shouldn’t you be? It’s a disgrace.

Yes, i would like a bigger / better visible cursor, too.

I can lose it very easily, if i’m not paying close attention.

Especially, when there is a lot of action on the screen.

I’m playing with bluestacks (android emulator) on a laptop

and the cursor seems to be the same as with the native

windows client (small white arrow).

True guys 98% of time i lose the cursor and dispite the trick of “darkness-landscape-background” i still lose it and to find it again i have to understand where my king is going so i can focus on that determinate area and i find it again. But do i have to do this every single raid…

any progress with this one? i often get lost too during my raids. esp. when when there is a dragon about to form. 

who knows? i didn’t hear any news since then, they could add a border-color for the cursor.

Totally support this!!!

Lose my cursor every bloody fight, half the time I’m just looking at the screen trying to find the feckin thing!

Also, it’s safe to say I’ve easily lost around 500 gems since I started playing RR2 on accidently clicking on scrolls!

Totally agree. it happens so often than I lost my troops or lost 5 or 6 seconds to try to find out where is my cursor of my mouse. In Northland or Christmas landscape the cursor is Blue and lost the cursor so easily. Sometime when I lost the cursor I click by mistake on Apocalypse and waste 9 gems

Why not put another way to advance the hero, why not give like many video the choice between : W,A,S,D and the number (Full Keyboard no mouse) or if people use the mouse change the color of the cursor : on winter landscape Black Cursor, on Fire landscape White Cursor, etc…

and why not too add a shortcut for pausing the game, each time I must click on the big icone for pause the game

What say you Flare??? 

No response to this issue FLARE GAMES??? If you as a company want this game to become more successful, you will have to listen to the people playing the game you customers, I can not believe that a few lines of script can’t be delegated to some one to fix this issue. Is this not important enough??? You obviously have time to generate different boosts and continue adding new perks, and yet you (Flare Games) totally ignore some thing that is costing a good portion of players a lot of gems that can be fixed with in a days work!!!

Shame on you FLARE GAMES!!!


I think Flaregames don’t realize in this game. Just the cursor can make you win or lose a raid

Today I fight someone who give me 535 medals I need it for Platinum league but its so frustrating when you start very well. huge army all going fine you reach 50% of the base and suddenly you lost the cursor you have no fucking idea where the cursor is. You lose maybe 10 seconds to try to find it and because of that I cannot do anything and my knights all die because I am not there to help them or heal them and I lost my chance to get full medals and got like 230 because I do 70% of the base. The 10 seconds gonna make me win the 535 medals,etc…

If you fight on Northland or Christmas Woods landscape its impossible you have a background blue with a cursor blue

You don’t need 20 year of scholarship of very high supreme lesson on informatics to change a cursor

I am sure same a children of 5 year old can do it 


Yep happens to me quite a bit…what’s even worse is playing on face book…if your courser goes outs the boarders your king just stops!!!

Loosing the courser is one thing …it’s when you lose the courser then accidentally click on meteor storm thats 7 gems…yes 7 ( SEVEN ) still no fix on this issue!!!


Flare Flare Flare!!! What this still has had no response in almost a month…what gives…it’s starting to look like customers are ignored here…a simple we will see what we can do…but nothing…perhaps it’s time for some BAD advertising on face book for you Flare!!! Got to love social media!!!

Play on Windows 10 with a 25 inch monitor. The game runs only in full screen mode. During the fighting often lost the cursor. From the system settings works only train of the mouse cursor. But this is not enough.

Help, what can I do to make the cursor was bigger, brighter, more visible?

Lol when I have said Flare only add 1 idea on 500. Voila!!! One more good idea who are flush in the toilet. The Cursor are a big problem for PC player but that seem not important to change that :slightly_frowning_face: