Sea Chests from Odyssey

Just a quick question, I have just finished the latest odyssey and got all the sea chests, anyhow my resources are depleted. Last time, I opened all the sea chests I got and all the rewards were resources (mainly gold and wisdom). So my question is, if this time I wait for all my primary resources to be maxed (gold, ambrosia and wisdom)  before I open the sea chests, will I get items, gems, dominance and prestige instead?

You will not get any of the maxed resources, but the actual proportions of other things you get are completely random. One thing I can tell you now is that prestige and dominance will be a lot rarer than items and gems

Yeah, as Infamous said, but mainly it’s just items, don’t hope for good amount of gems either.

If you want gems - max out all of your resources and open video chests. So far the best way to get them imo

Items are fine with me. Thanks guys.

i just finished it , worst chests ever , very low level item and resource 

@Infamoushow many gems do you usually get once you max out your gold & ambrosia bank? 

@Percc, by maxing out I mean caping the storage limits so that you cant get any more, the actual levels are not important. I would say my best estimation is around 40, although it fluctuates drastically from chest to chest and I have not ever sampled the mean.

I opened them all once my resources were back to maximum amount. I got tons of items and around 300 gems. So much win.

Bro don’t say such things in forum or else developers will reduce the amount of gems that we get from them.?

I never get that many gems 

Sorry typo, 30 gems. 

If u want gems bye 25 epic chests after go maxout your resources and after open it, u get around 150

Guys my resources management tactic:

Occupy all best gold giving islands (the ones giving 400-600k gold) 

Put rest at wisdom islands (1 hero is enough for ambrossia)  

When all resources maxed buy max treasure chests, when you open them you get 6-7 gems per chest, that means 100 gems can be farmed per day. 

When you start an huge construction or else and if you spend huge wisdom now buying chests are not effective. This time make forging. 

Commercial chests are enough for ambrossia. 

If you travel map that is super, you can get many gold too…  

This my play style, try to find best for your gameplay…