Sea chests on Ithacan Harbor levels 9 and 10

Does anyone know how much fame is needed_  for each _ sea chest on Ithacan Harbor lvl 9 and 10?

thats 10 skull. 

This is level 9 Harbor(haven’t upgraded to 10 yet).


Errr … @dumpster are you sure ? that’d mean level 10 is equal to level 8 and that level 9 needs more fame than level 10 to unlock ?

10 skulls is the Harbor of level 8.
Harbor level 9 is 11 skulls.

You’re exactly right!

Thank you,this is really helpful! ?

I belive that he shows on that picture still Harbor lvl 8,because you can see that first two chest are legendary sea chests. Harbor level 10 has all 5 titan sea chests. 

My educated guess: 20 fames in additional for each chest (except the first one) for the last harbour level :wink:

My pleasure ?

And how much fame is needed for each chest on Ithacan Harbor lvl 10? Anyone? ?

Buddy what’s your harbour level?

I’ll give you last level fame, for 5 titan chests on level 10.

75, 140, 205, 270, 335

They have actually made it a bit easier than level 8 and 10 skulls. Here is some trivia: On level 8 to get all chests, and maximize your bonus which is at the end of each chest, you had to do 2 honored heroes, the first 2 strictly (it was 65 and 130). And one additional honored hero in the 3rd or 4th or 5th. The other two you could do max skulls but without honored hero. This would maximize bonus and get you all chests with the exact fame points. You lose of course some fame…

In level 10 harbor and 12 skulls, you need to do the first one honored to get max 75 (5x15), strictly again. Second is achieved with 10 skull honored hero. And the rest now can be a combination depending of the first two you did (if you did the first 2 - max with honored, it gets flexible later)… but you get the point.

So before it was 3x10 skull with honored and 2x10 skull without honored minimum.

Now to compare it can be 3x12 skull with honored and 2x11 skull without honored, or a combination.

So you avoid doing 5 max (only 3), and also, you don’t have to do the first two max… just one of them. This is great for avoiding some weak heroes, if you want all the bonuses, espeically now when everyone is leveling up, its hard to upkeep 12 heroes, even with resistances so you don’t die 4 times at the first corner.

My harbour level is 9 and I wanted to decide will I raise to the max lvl soon. If I do,I must upgrade storage buildings first (there are more important things to upgrade first,for me) and this information would help me.5 sea titan chests are 5 titan sea chests! ?? 

Thank you Archimides! ?

I wonder how some one do 10 + skull with Ajax or Artemis ???

At 131, it was easy… they were already built. Now, it’s hard for me with Artemis, she dies too easy, especially with Apollo towers. But with Ajax, I can do 12 skulls, it’s not easy though.

You do need a lot of gems however, per island. I never like using gems, but it is a necessity, the return is permanent and you can’t get it back if you lose it.

Heroes I do not need gems (usually) are Cadmus, Perseus, Athena, Helen, Hercules and Achilles… If i am lazy or AP some of these, I need some gems at the gate. If I use my worst heroes, I sometimes require 50-60 gems per island, if I want to do max skulls. For sure with Artemis/Ajax, I need at least 20 gems… there is no way to by pass those corners with Apollo… even with almost full resistance, you can be killed… which is strange as I see in an other topic similar (fire vs Ariadne). 

Everything comes at a cost… 12 skull with Odysseus today, cost me around 120 gems for 5 islands, maybe a bit more. Of course I no longer risk it… after first death, the second is 240 ambrosia, which is 24 gems, so it’s better to use the invos… not to mention 48 gems for 3rd death, and cost of losing 20k wisdom is HUGE. So nowadays, until I reach 150 level and start building them well… gems is a necessity for me for Odysseys. So Odysseus/Jason/Prometheus… can’t risk it… shieldless heroes are the worst for me. Ariadne is right up there with Artemis…

On 12 skulls you get the first chest when you reach 75 fame points

I hear they were easy for those that had very high stat perks on their heroes :grinning: