Searching for an alliance

Searching for an alliance. I have 2000 trophies and will have 150k donation in a few days. I want boosted knights and/or boosted archers 24/7. May not be able to fight in all alliance wars but will the majority of the time. Ign smiles! :slight_smile:

You should have an jnvite to xschampions. We are new if your looking to grow with us.

come to join us.iran22 alliance.

alliance level :8

have 13/13 players.


If you’re looking for a family right knit grip of people send me a message for request to join the Orphans. We’re a highly dedicated grip of guys looking to win and continuously grow.

u can stay with us if u want, cats lovers, lv. 21 :slight_smile:

Bacon Nation is i need of two more members Level 28 Alliance Rank in the 200s as soon as Aether leaves lol

We have 7/7 knight boost 24/7 ally lvl 36 name Rising Warriors come join us love to add u to our teams . I have add you in friend list text me when you ready to join so I can kick out my alt account to make room. Hope I will get good reply from you :slight_smile:

Guys plz send me invites as my mailbox was spammed with members coming and going like crazy and then they kicked me to make way for a special friend

I donate 150k daily (well, about 6.5 times a week) and have approx 2200 trophies

You cant fight all Wars and you can only donate 6,5 Days a week.

So you use the elite only 6,5 Days a week?

Interessting :grinning:

The warriors6 are recruiting. Please come join us. Send request to join

anybody that wants to join a upcoming and great alliance join supreme soldiers. I have experience in managing alliances, i was a leader in my previous alliance but there was situation and had to leave. looking for active members that love communicating