Season boosts actual Strength

Would like to bring to discussion the seasonal boosts actual strength.

Let’s take for example the Froster. It’s usual damage is ~270 frost.

I have added damage forges. +6.0 frost damage  every forge. Although it’s only +2%, you can feel a difference with each additional forge. the damage really goes up and the Froster is indeed a little bit more lethal.

Now let’s look at the current seasonal boost. It says a ~1000 frost damage. It’s not just +2%, it’s almost X4 (!!!). Logically thinking, this boosted frost damage should kill every single unit around with just one shot and even some maxed towers.

We all know it does not happen… The actual damage is probably just slightly higher than a regular froster. The only unit with this damage rate can be the dragon, not the froster.

Froster was just an example. The same goes for all the other season boosted units. So, why do we see misleading information? Honesty? Flares?



I also felt the same. Cannons forged 4 times have more blunt than the next level, but the storm cannons do not seriously change the statistics, except for health.


Update, now we have the frenzies anf pyros.

Pyro shows 1,500 fire damage. Just to remind you, a maxed firebolt has around 500 damage. this would imply that a few pyros can evaporate the whole base and burn it down easyly. Does it really happen? Nope…

Frenzies. Could only see small difference between their performance and the regular arblaster. Their heal of others when they die works a bit. Frost effect on opponents is hardly even seen. Damage… Maybe just a little bit more.

The main point having pyro or froster it’s to summon the dragon,depends on them alone without having a dragon hardly win the raid

Yes. Still you expect to see the right boost figures on the troop data.

Right now, it’s misleading, cause it probably shows the dragon’s damage instead of the troop’s.

Yes,agree with u on this.damage on gate is too op. One dragon pass by,gates health reduce up to 70%