season history

is it possible to get/make a “season history” ( - at least for titan leaque, if it can not be implementend in game with a search for a spcific season and league and titan has also the shortest members). i think it would be interessting to look back after a while which alliances were on top and who fought against each other and how often…



like titan season 1 (date from to ?
war 1 (feldzug): allicance A (1), allicance B (2), allicance C (3), allicance D (4) |  allicance E (1), allicance F (2), allicance G (3), allicance H (4) |  allicance I (1), allicance J (2), allicance K (3), allicance L (4)
war 2 (duell): allicance A (1), allicance E (2) | allicance B (1), allicance I (2) | …
war 3 …
war 4 …

It wouldn’t have to be in-game, either. It could be a website. 

ingame only if you consider other leagues because this would be too much work and you have looong lists… but for titan, sure, why not even here in a forum thread? one moderator editing and extending the table and other post their actual results (after) the season so no one can complain about additional informations regarding pairings for the running season (but i assume those who want such infos, have them…)

I would think it would actually just be easier to populate a database with the war history and have that web accessible. 

I can surely help with the table.

@dumpster thx, i have no idea how to do this and as long it would be a save visit for everyone im fine with such an possibility. personally i would prefer if this can be done on a website of flaregames - thats why i suggested ingame or forum. but good to know that also such kind of database /website are also another possibility, thx for suggesting

@Tomaxo also thx a lot for your offer.


but lets see what is the opinion from others and especially from madlen/FG.

I think Madlen (and definitely the devs) would have access to the instances, I’m just not sure if they capture historic war data like that. 

And im even less sure if there is the time or inclination to take on a project like that. 

But it would be fun. 

super easy to do they have do it in RR2 so I don’t think its impossible in OR. Very usefull for many reason. At least watch the one who do nothing or abuse of the boost