Season ninja mission again locked

My season ninja mission keeps locking and unlocking even if ninja event is on.
Is it a bug? How can I complete the mission in this way? If I make an island when the mission is closed, does this island enter in ninja mission count?
I urgently need help, thanx.


Worse and worse…

I can’t wait anymore…I will play in ninja event…I don’t care.
May u rest in peace, season

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Me to…:disappointed_relieved:

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I also have several players in my alliance: we are wariors, who cannot access the ninja quest which is still blocked and which continues to go on. Could you fix the problem as soon as possible please, because they are not happy and I understand them. thank you in advance

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Moi aussi même problème

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24 ninja islands done. Ninja quest completed. But I can’t collect the reward cuz ninja quest is still close.

Same problem here, says it will unlock but never does. And also I have a notification like a completed a quest but it’s nowhere to be found since only the daily quest are unlocked and already collected those points. This seasons systems is a disappointment.

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I am not the Onlus One…!

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And also this…my gems are gone…maybe…

Ninja quest remained locked, and I didn’t have a chance to earn season xp for this event!

Ninja event is over. I still can’t collect ninja quest reward. @MishaK wake up! Two members of my ally haven’t received rewards from ninja quest too. And many other players … A little answer from Flare would be really appreciated, thanx

Same here and flare doesn t care🤔


why no one is interested in it, flare up wake up fix this error, in my alliance 40% of players have it

Yeah very disappointing no moderator has stepped in to help or explain.

Our players with season passes have this bug too… Will you guys please fix this up asap…

We have a new bug for seasonal ninja quest! Look at this…

Here ninja quest is unlocked but the player can’t collect rewards even if he completed 24 islands.

Mine shows the same… But I already collected mine… I collected mine and it showed “COMPLETED” but now it shows ‘requirements not met’… This is just a display error… The seasonal xp for completed have already been collected…

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Just visual bug for this

But real bug for this

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