Season reward qualification

Can someone please clarify how long before the season ends you need to be with an alliance to qualify for season rewards? I found an answer from Madlen saying the last war only, and an answer from captain Morgan saying the last week of the war season (does this mean before the end of second to last war?).


any concrete info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

You need to have been in an alliance for 7 whole days, so that means joining before the end of the penultimate war. As after that war you then get 5 days rest and a 2 day last war.

But it’s also rude to leave a team during war, so you should plan on spending the last 2 wars with an alliance if you want to be polite. If you’re unaffiliated and a team will take you mid-war, have a ball.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.  We have two teams so wanted to make sure before we shuffle players.

this means that when you join a new alliance in the first seven days you have this message: “did you join too late to receive personal rewards in this war season?” After 7 days, the above message disappears and you are eligible for the reward? Thank you