Season rewards- or not?

Hi FG @Madlen,

just joined another alliance before the end of the 1st war.  So still 3 full wars left this season.  Shows on league standings that I will not get any rewards as I joined too late?  Has the timing changed, as it used to be at least a week before the end of the season you would get rewards.  I’m personally not bothered either way, but would be nice to have the exact details, and others may depend on gems etc…thanks

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Hi Phil⭐, this is what I have been told: As long as you join before the end of the last war you should get the season rewards.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

@Madlen do you mean WAR or SEASON, if you mean war, then obviously the graphic is wrong (bug) as it says ‘joined too late to receive personal rewards’ (I joined BEFORE the end of last WAR)  If you mean end of season then OK the graphic is correct but means people could spend over a month in an alliance and not get any reward at the end of the season…like I said it used to be a week minimum, but seems then they changed their policy without notifying anyone - couldn’t find the change in any server update…so I’ll be in my current alliance probably over a month before this season ends, and not get any reward…CHEERS!! 

We mean season.

You should get the rewards since you are in the alliance for over a week. We will look into it, why you do not have them.

Thanks @Madlen the graphic has since corrected itself, so all is normal it appears. 

Okay, so just to understand correctly, is everything sorted now?

all perfect in this aspect.

did you join during war? I wonder if that’s why you got that message.  

yes was during the last war, that message stayed for a while, but its gone now, so I’m thinking no issue

That’s to make you feel bad for leaving a team during war.