season war begin 16days

why the next war begin 16days have a problèm? And the bonus not prolonged in 16days is not normal… Flaregames what you problem? The game is very loose…

I think is because the update will arrive in that period of 16 days otherwise they wouldn’t have put such time.

Something tells me that the wars schedule was change to introduce something new between wars. We will see with the new update.

lol the last war flaregames say the war begin later for update the next war begin later for update the problem is bonus for war my alliance paid for maximum bonus is end war… The bonus finish is 6or7 days… Have a very problème is not good flaregames and i m think more players quit game because the bug etc…

We had major updates before but they never change the war schedule before releasing the update. I’m pretty sure the war format will change and not by a few details. I think it will change a lot.

I think we will have to defend our kingdoms against those ninjas in the meantime. :ph34r:

Or maybe, the third set of war boosts, maybe?

After this update it will be RR2.5 :lol: 

please tell me there will be a next update at that time


There will indeed be a new schedule in the times to come. 

We will communicate you more information with the update. 

Please be patient a few more days :grinning:

This schedule will change also the Season Conditions of this upcoming War Season like happened with the mistake of the Cruel Cannons season corrected with Barbarian Raids?


I feel Alysea is not talking about the ‘season condition’, rather I guess we’ll be having war at a lower frequency because Flare is adding something between 2 wars. As far as I remember, the conditions aren’t clashing like that of Barbarian Raids.

Froster garg tower mumy boost will expire in 6 days… please take notice of that

wait udpate, wait bug correction windows, wait… Wait… Wait…

I’m with most here. It frustrating not knowing much about this update and more about what happened to our boosts. We are being left ,it seems with  more questions and I still don’t see why war got push back. It would have been easy if flare just said update will be here in 5 days, but with them not saying anything I think they may not be ready yet…

They’re probably doing bug testing now, so it would be stupid to give a fixed date for the update, when they can’t know when the testing will be finished.

You may be right PIP69. If it was me I would not change anything till I know it was ready and messy with players boosts.

:wink: 15 days i will not be happy war is the only nice thing in this game’

Here is what I think. Flare doesn’t want to let us know to much about the update till after the event. I have a strong feeling these ninjas have a way of getting gems out of you…

To compensate, can we get 2 events before the next war starts. Boost your defense & 1 more.  :wink:

I want an event from FG called “Boost your event” :slight_smile: