Seasonal Boosts Ideas

Since we have already had some seasonal war boosts that only apply to offense (Portal Ogre) and others that only apply to defense (Sniper Hideout), how about some more: like a Castle Gate boost (maybe it shoots poison arrows? idk - I want to hear you people’s ideas) or maybe even a boost for the King (maybe a Mega Life Drain, kinda like the Holy Paladins; or maybe boosted speed and attack, like the Nimble Mummy; or maybe something absolutely crazy - like spitting up skull bombs every 5 seconds). Like I said, I want to hear you guys’ ideas - since Flaregames doesn’t seem to want to :stuck_out_tongue:

All of the above. Would love them to tie into the seasons too even if they are northern hemisphere seasons

I already made a list of ideas like these once, Fresh posted some more ideas. Here it is: