Seasonal Festival

As the summer festival approaches, it would be nice to set a new rhythm for the festivals. The festival is an important event that, without using gems, allows each member to find equipment and friendly pals while finding gold.
So why not, as before, establish a seasonal festival:

  • in summer
  • in autumn (towards Halloween)
  • in winter (in January)
  • in spring (around Easter)
    This would allow to have a rhythm of a festival every trimester, with a suitable duration (2 to 3 weeks).
    In short, a big festival like the very first one that we had (the most recent ones lasted only one week).

I think that is a very good idea, I agree with your opinion on seasonal festivals. 

Si  estoy totalmente de acuerdo los.primeros festivales eran mas duraderos y traian mejores cosas para pasar ellos rato atacando ademad ady podian conseguir oror para mejorar tu reino