Seasons VS Pro League rewards

Nothing to say about seasons, maybe some players love this new system of daily/weekly/monthly quests that helps them to log in more often. Seasons give an easy way to get some (few would be the right word) rewards, even for free, and people can avoid stressing battles vs unbeatable defenses.


Seasons replaced a FREE system of good pro rewards (pearls above all, about 3k per week, and Pro items to melt down, gems etc.), i say free becouse if one was a bit good he could easy earn free ticket from boxes or, in the worst case, paying few gems sometimes, with a FREE system of shitty and useless rewards, and even paying for unlock the extra rewards the situation doesn’t change.

With pro (including pro chest in war and cq) we could collect each month more than 20k pearls, lots of gems and pro gears, and that’s for very very few gems.
With season we can gain different estetic changes (really??? O.o), less than 500 pearls, and some ridicoulus uber item, but we can pay 5 euro each month to obtain the same awful rewards.
Oh of course we can pay tons of gems to unlock 5000 levels xD how to forget it.

Cmon FG, season system is good, but make 2 simple adjustements:

  • improve the rewards, they suck;
  • maybe set a max to the levels that players can unlock by using gems (such in pro League players cannot use gems to buy directly pro chests).

Cheers, K

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As i understand you ask flare: please give us better prizes and staff for free and limit guys who ready to pay salaries to you, you, Flare, dont need it,

Communism in da action.
As Russian i support you. Capitalism should die.

5 Usd you getting

6 pets, 3 quardian chests with quardians, like 180 runes.

And main: -20% BS time, -30% building time and +1% gold income fpr alliance.

As for me its too many for 5 usd and will break the balance finally.
But lets ask to give it for free! Capitalism should die


This is an answer why it was finished too, Kroq.
Free system= 0 income for business.

No need tnx for explanation

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no, you didn’t understand.
i asked better prizes (maybe the paid ones, not necessary for free) to compensate a bit the ones we had in pro leagues; and yes a ask a limit for guys who pays salaries to FG. pro leagues was the only aspect of the game in which players could be first even if they had 70lvl hero and no gems at all. i’d like seasons keep safe this aspect giving everybody same chance to get same rewards. if players want to buy items they can do on shops, not need them to make thousands lvls in seasons.
every other feature in game is for gems player, so no need season too.

i just asked a balance rewards since pro leagues gave a lot, and season gives nothing.
180 runes are nothing without pearls, and lot of them, to upgrade them.

5 euro is ok for those rewards, but is not ok compared to what we had in Pro Leagues.

there is a way in the middle between “good and free” and “shitty and paid”: maybe “good and paid” (or shitty and free).

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  1. seasons are not the same as pro, its completely different. And as for me i happy pro was gone even if i dont like seasons

  2. mostly this free community is able to reach the same levels( 30 level as i underdtand). Without buying levels none will get moreso what a point to limit someone?

  3. pro was in past, time to forget it, man

You sentense about to limit guys who wants pay salaries to Flare is a bit hypocrisy

Dont be childish. Every game is a business
Without guys who wants to spent all ur customer communism will suck.

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You can make infinite amount if pearls: its not hard, just buy ubers and melt them
What a problem man?

You want them for free? No problem, raid whole day and melt them.

Not big deal to get a lot pearls


There is one troll in every topics. @MishaK plz ban this troll.


So sad to read, so agressive;(

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i really don’t understand what’s your problem if i say: “i’d like to receive better prizes from seasons”.
is this communist? this is FEEDBACK section, and i want to make my feedback about seasons.

i like pro leagues, i liked their rewards and i don’t like prizes in seasons at all. this is my feedback.

you can continue saying this is FG interest, but i don’t find how this can change my feedback bro.
now, sorry but i have to raid all day to make pearls for free.


ofc. You shared your feedback, i shared mine.

At the situation when someone want to limit guys who wants to spent money in game- i would be against with a pleasure

Sentense about communism was not about ur idea you dont like prizes.

Its a lie man, no need use it.

Sentense about communism was about your idea
to get good prizes FOR FREE and limit the ones who ready to pay salaries to devs.

Its like a communism, when everythinkg would be for free and no matter how

Also good way to get pearls is max pearls quardians and and every quardian after that will give pearls.
Good income

There is a problem with the rewards in the Seasons, of course.

For a subscription, we get Phoebe, which cannot be obtained without a subscription, and this is absolutely no different from buying a Phoebe in a store. Then why not just start selling Phoebe or Nemesis in the store? And to make the event free for everyone with equalizing chances? (as it was in the Pro League)

And, yes, the prizes are uninteresting and it is uninteresting to play it. Weeeell … maybe you will make an interesting event, and not boring pay2win?

P.S. By the way, this event has already received an unofficial nickname “Donator’s Toad”