Second Week: Seek the Winter King!

Oye Oye brave Kings & Queens!


Is it snowing in your Kingdom yet?

If yes, you have a great opportunity to play hide and seek!

I not, why don’t you play here with me?

Every day I will edit a post (only the post from a team member (moderator or admin) with the Winter King picture and will give you a hint where to find it!

Next Monday I will have a look at your answers and post the leaderboard. 



  • Only one answer allowed per person for the whole event , so better posting once you are sure you found all pictures, at the end of the week!  ( 9 pictures in total )
  • The posts are  disabled  so you  will NOT be able to see or edit your answer  nor  other players answers. The posts will be enabled once the results are given.
  • Deadline for sending your answer is Monday 14th December 10am (UTC/GMT +1)
  • Add your ingame name to your answer!

Don’t worry, I won’t dig some very old topics!

Each  right answer  will give you  one point :

The player with the  highest amount of point  will get  1000 gems , the  second one  will get  500 gems  and the  third one  will get  250 gems.

If some players have the  same amount of pointsone will be chosen randomly.


Everyday I will list here the hints, so you can have a look at them easily. :grinning:


Picture n°1

Picture n°2

Picture n°3

Picture n°4

Picture n°5 and 6

Picture n°7

Picture n°8 and 9

First picture:


Look at a post from oPelle in General Discussions for this one!

Two elements are in opposition, which ones?

Fire & ice  :wink:


ing: King Xerxes TSO

Good Morning everyone!


The second picture is live!


You can find it in one of my post s, in the Alliances & Recruitment section!


I think this is a big enough hint by itself, as I don’t have that many posts here…


Please remember, only one answer allowed for the whole event, so answer before the deadline (Next monday around 10am UTC/GMT +1) with the links to all the posts containing a picture!

Hey Kings & Queens!


The picture of the day is hidden among Robot Jack’s posts!


Hint: If you are ready to drink some Apfelwein, go ahead, you may find it!

The title of the thread is " Fire and Ice" contained in General Discussions and it is the picture in post # 2 made by oPelle (Link posted below)


Your post is in the thread " Official visit from your CM!" that you started in the " Alliances & Recruitment" section and is post #25 which is linked below.




Today’s picture can be found at post #221 by Jack (CM & Administrator, AKA " Robot Jack") in the 'Alliance Wars Sigils, Fiefdoms, and Tax Rates" thread. The link is posted below.

I enter for the random prize

IGN : Soilwk

Fire and ice post 3rd December 2015


The Fresh One


P.s it doesn’t really state how to answer and I cant do the quote thing from one post to another


Official visit from your CM


For those of us that are unaware of this persons nickname ots unfair, that could be anyone. And are we suppose to know what Apfelwein is?


I didn’t know there was a “Community Manager” called Jack. I thought you were the CM



The picture of today is hidden in one of my posts , in General Discussions.

Hint: Someone asked if “an admin could answer this question” , you should have a look.


Also, as mentioned before, please send ALL your answers in one post before the deadline of the event.

So you need to wait until Sunday to have all the hints to all the pictures before answering.



There are two pictures today!


One is hidden in one of my posts in General Discussions.

Hint: This big guy arrived recently in your Kingdom, who is he?


The second picture is hidden in one of my posts in Alliance & Recruitment.

Hint: This Alliance has the same name as a great music band, any idea? :slight_smile:

User Pyromaniac as Paladin (Pyromancer as Paladin)


In post: POLL: What perks you mostly like? Picture of user: RaVeN04 Posted 01 September 2015 - 01:15 AM


In The Post: Official visit from your CM!


LINK: - Posted 04 August 2015 - 11:53 AM



The Contest has officially come to an end. We have a winner!

That was close!

Emgiee1 guessed the correct term first. We were looking for the mysterious “Bembel”, an earthenware jug used in Germany to serve Cider.

Thank you all for participating and for your awesome suggestions!

Congratulations to Emgiee1! Enjoy your 5000 Gems and don’t spend them all on








The figure of the King in the winter.




One is hidden in one of my posts in General Discussions. Hint: This big guy arrived recently in your Kingdom, who is he?


Picture: Blacksmith** Link:**


The second picture is hidden in one of my posts in Alliance & Recruitment. Hint: This Alliance has the same name as a great music band, any idea? :slight_smile:


Alliance: The Orhans** Link:**

Hey everyone,


The picture of the day is hidden in one of Jack’s posts, in General discussions.

Hint: This is the first time we had a proof of his robot side!

Ign wahyu arz

  1. i really don’t have link but it’s mummy & king

2.i didn’t find it, i searched everywhere







IGN: druinus1


IGN: oPelle

IGN:: GeorgeChania


1st picture:: picture:: picture:: picture:: picture:: picture:: picture::

Micky oao


Day one

General discussions : fire and ice, : post #2


day 2

alliances & recruitment :  official visit from your CM : post # 25

day 3

strategies guides and hints :   alliance wars sigils fiefdoms and tax rates : post # 221


day 4

General discussions : Could an admin answer this question? : post # 2


Day 5

General discussions : Version 1.9.5: The Blacksmith! – Discussions : post # 80


Day 6

Alliances & recruitment : Genie & Master : post # 62


Day 7


General discussions : Community Reinforcements! More CMs! : post # 23

The 7 pics are:

Rr2 winter royal revolt

1- fire and ice - 03 dec 2015

2- official visit from your CM! - 01 sept 2015

3- Alliance Wars Sigils, Fiefdoms, and Tax Rates

Jack 4 august 2015

4- could an admin answer this question ? - 06 nov 2015

5- version 1.9.5: The Blacksmith! - Discussions / aether 25 nov 2015

6- génie & master - aether 23 aug 2015

7- Community Reinforcements! More CMs! Jack 21 aug 2015

Ingame bale : childeric 1st

Aether… You have changed the number Of picture this morning… I didn’t see it. As i found 7 pics i post my answer today. Should i post another answer???