Second zombie event

Is it only me or has the loot been reworked?

In the first zombie event the base loot was hundreds of thousands, now I only get 20k per island? Did something change?

In the first event I had slightly more than 4500 Trophies and entered the 4500-4999 league. it was too hard for me so this time I dropped back. And now I only get 20k per island.

In all the previous Ninja events I was in the 4000-4499 League and the loot was normal. With gold boosts easily up to 1M per island.

Any Ideas?

Edit it starts at 20k. I could be wrong and mistaken, but did it always start with 20k?

I don’t know why people have this kind of weird issue. I am in 3,000-3,499 tier and I got 435K with some gold gear over 550K each island. I don’t know the reason why some have only 20k its strange

Hard to tell what loot you should be seeing in this tier, you need to check with others in the same tier. However, the lower tier, the less gold you will see from 1st island but of course it will keep increasing witch each island.

As I stated before. 4000-4499 is my usual tier. The only event when I wasn’t in that one was the first Zombie event, aka. the recent one. In that event I was one tier higher (4500-4999).

Well It might be possible that the first few Islands always had that low amount of gold loot and I never noticed.

I will report back if it isn’t the case.

no same the first one give high gold. If you look my video on 2nd ninja event on 2,500-2,999 same at this tier its 100k or 140k the first island. in 3,000-3,400 its 400k same the first one. If you got 20k maybe its a problem somewhere its not normal at 4,000-4499 to have only 20k you should have 700k or more in the first one

Anyway, 20k seems really low.

As far as I can tell, 1st ninja event gold seemed to be higher than the next ones (I think due to the change of cd between islands). Myself I’ve been in tier 4500 and 5000 and I could see the difference in gold between those to which is understandable, though it seems stable to me, been getting same gold.



1st Island 20k

4th Island 110k

6th Island 156k

9th island 310k

So the first Islands really give that much gold.