Secret Santa: treasure chest update

So they have changed the treasure chamber in the last update and it offers more than ever before apparently, but I haven’t been rewarded nothing. The first day of the the update I was gifted tons of gold(250-320 single chest), but ever since I get like 17k and a “look at what you could of won” chest. It’s even worse when they show me the 60-70 gems it’s like they’re giving you the finger everytime. It’s happened over ten times now so by the laws of averages I should win something…but No! Just troll troll troll troll troll.


Are you as unlucky as me or is it kicking everybody in the teeth.


edit: Does anyone know whether their link on facebook works, it just sends me to itunes. its something about RR making a return next year


first day for me after the update was like this. I won 60-80% of the times 2 or 3 chests which implied that not only the rewards but also the probability to get more than one chest has been raised significantly. Jona also confirmed this.

However, I guess Flare after seeing how many gems and gold they were giving for free they changed their minds and lowered down that probability to the one before the update but kept the rewards the same ( The couldn’t do otherwise or angry nerds would vandalize their offices in Germany)

I don’t think they was giving away too many gems, if they were none came my way, although I did get some good packages and granny hooked me up with some stuff. But no gems from treasure chamber.


There was too much gold flying around, but on average now I think I’m slightly worse on gold than before the update.

i havent got any gems lol i see them 69 or 71 but they just look at me after i lose…

that the luck of the draw, man

my first raid after update  i was lucky enough to hit almost 250k in chamber.

one time i hit over 60 gems

still other times, i go bust as you did.


grab your lucky “monster egg rabbit’s foot” and pray

First day I got almost 300 gems , then its more gold and bread also pearls and gears but rarely gems although some of my alliance member still receiving gems everyday (making me jealous) from the chamber of fortune.I guess they are just luckier than me.

Me too. I got gems only twice and a try quite ever all the chests. I noticed that 99% of times you have first 15-20k gold, second 30-40k and third over 200-250k or >200 bread

I got 58 gems this morning. Yesterday I got a legendary item (unfortunately worse than my own). What Santa did was decrease the value of the first two chests, but make it more likely you get at least two chests. The third chest has a super-high value more often then it used to.


Also, the higher the value of a chest, it seems, the less likely you are to get it. Just yesterday I got a chest with 3k. As I am a level 64 king, I was shocked. Never had I seen anything so low in value. The second chest had 5k. I was shocked again. I was used to 15k to 35k, and now this? I guessed one more time (and got it right! I was so happy) and I got 133k  :slight_smile:

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I don’t belive that any of it is random though, there is to many patterns, like the amount of times I get a massive raid and then straight away a skull. Or If I’m going for medals they always seem to have like 10k gold but the treasure chamber compensates with hefty rewards. I think it is more fruit machine random, rather than flat out percentages. I’ve hit that first chest way more than 50% of the time

This is starting to bother me. It’s not the amount of gold either, you guys have taken a lot of fun out of the treasure chambers to the point where I just click to get it over with and take my 17K


You guys never had the most versatile gameplay to begin with, the treasure chamber broke up the monotony and added a little fun. This is ruined. Starting to think your game designers are secretly trying to liquidate you, Spies maybe from clash of clans.

I don’t think there are Patterns, however what bothers me is the announcment of increased chance to win and in reality patching it down to lower win chances. Same for me, its more getting a “time-block” that I hurry to get over it…

The treasure chests in the Chamber of Fortune were almost certainly reweighed after the first day or two of “Christmas presents”.  I’ve had the same experience as each of you - I have gotten the 250-350k chests a few times, and a couple of 75-85 gem chests, but the occasions on which I open 2 - let alone 3 - in a row is less than before.  This is over a significant sample, consisting of hundreds of visits to the chamber.


Here’s the interesting part:


As any kid versed in the most basic probability and statistics could tell you, with 3 skulls and 3 rewards in a total of 6 chests, the probability of getting 1 reward is 50%.  The probability of getting a second reward is 40% (2 of 5 remaining). The probability of getting a third reward is 25% (1 of 4 remaining).  


This is entirely objective. The numbers are: 50%, 40%, 25%.  And yet the majority perception of the player base (by far, it seems) is that getting to the 3rd chest is now significantly more difficult; just as the majority perception is that getting there was far easier in the first couple days after the announcement about larger rewards. 


So, this begs the question: what is going on behind the scenes that handicaps these base probability values?  The algorithm that runs the Chamber is clearly capable of stacking the deck in the player’s - or the House’s - favor. At the very least, the manipulation of these probabilities suggests that the Chamber of Fortune is “dynamic”; or in other words, the placement of skulls and rewards changes (and the values of those rewards may change) with every chest that is opened.  How it’s done (e.g. senses touches on phones/tablets, mouse position on PC, etc, sorts based off previous choices the player has made) is the question.


So the probability to reach the 3rd chest from the start is 50%*40%*25% = just 5% which is admittedly low.

Still I wouldn’t mind if that chance was the same since the chamber of fortune was introduced, but with Flaire claiming that they raised that chance and then quietly reducing it to its normal levels(or even lower levels) just 2 days after, yes, that bothers me.

Lets say it is flat out percentages. So 1 in 20 goes, you should strike lucky,  Seems plausible. So chances of hitting the 250k is once a day for me. However I have never hit the gems box once, so the percentages are different for that also. I don’t even get items anymore whether they are useful or not.


This is the most uninspired decision they have taken.

its a scam anyway. maybe except for 1 time its 100 % treu that the first chest Always contains the lowest reward . and Always teh chests you dont choose are high rewards. so if you wanna make any chance on the higher awards you must open the 3 correct chests . so this crap is heavy manipulated anyways . they feeding us crap only . all for the money right ? greedy crap

The chest after obersavation and feedback from the player base also have been de-randomized, meaning you CANNOT WIN THE LARGE SUM on your 1st pull and need to open all of the minor prizes 1st before you can win that JACKPOT chest. This is a crappy system and really leaves a sour taste in my mouth know that I can never win a big chest and only get a small win on the 1st chest, 2nd chest is medium and 3rd chest is the large chest!

Anyone that has proof of winning the large chest on your first pull please post here, recently not a week ago but in the last few days when this ninja nerf hit. IN the past it was random and fair, you would win the larger chest 1st but not now

I’d like to see this as well. Hasn’t occurred for me once in hundreds of raids. Subjective impressions are one thing, but theres a pretty clear pattern across users here. The announcement of the buff is great, but if there was a time limit on it would’ve been good to know. Gamers are a persnickety lot and hate to be whipsawed by buffs/nerfs without any announcement. In this case Went from seemingly random/luck if the draw to highly favorable to least favorable since 1.4.0 hit.

I’ve noticed this problem as well. I always get the smallest price on the first one. its not really random makes it a lot less fun, you know you have to have all 3 to get the good price. Never can get big find on first hit. although i like spending 36 gems and getting 60 gems back on a random act i try to get the gold.