Secret thing about Archers? Immune to Confusion ability?

I was playing recently a lot with archers and i noticed that i’ve never seen a single archer being converted by a Mass Hysteria. Is it a bug or a feature? Can a dev explain this?


Maybe their archery jutsu/3rd eye requires such focus they cannot be swayed from becoming one with their target. :huh:

They are immune to confusion

is that a fact? If so how did you find out?

I confirm this fact! Pro-Archers are immune to confusion :slight_smile:

Question is, was it intentional, or a bug? i.e. will it change in the future.

Hmm , I don’t see oPelle saying anything about “pro” archers, he said “just archers”. One of y’all isn’t being completely clear. :stuck_out_tongue:

The pro archer is also stun immune. I’ve died a few times because of that.