Secrets of Flothaboss raiding success

Hi- I was wondering how in the earth Flothaboss can manage what he does? He can hit a top 10 base even without an army… :grinning:

What’s the secret of his raiding? Tips can help others. Is it the initial army formation or any other technique?

Combinations that we cannot imagine against a strong player is what he uses and succeeds.

Or is it just FG’s trick?



flotha gets a large amount of gems from flaregames.thus he upgrade all thing and speed up upgrades.he is able to get large amount of pearls per day so he can forge anything.i think flare give gems to those who make vedios in YouTube.he a professional youtuber.he have uploaded many other videos.

what secret? what trick? many time bases that are in top 10 are products of trophies dumping from other players and those bases aren’t strong enough to be top 10 strength-wise, or they can have superb attacking power to keep on farming trophies and be in top 10 while having weak bases. Those situation paired with heavily forged max lvl units/spells and top gears/perks make it possible to do “interesting” raiding style. And also you only shown the success story, there are (many) failures that won’t make it to the video  ^_^

Exactly,he wont show videos where he dies and using revieve + scrolls :wink:

Also, in the top 300 or even more everyone got max forged spells and units as flotha , everyone succesfuly raider like him but they dont make videos, you see only one guy of the hundreds of players with same “skills”.


He has max spells / units, all very heavily forged, very good gears, and also something called… skills.

He has practiced a lot against top bases so he knows all the tricks to correctly raid. there ar emany top players like him, the main difference is that he shares this with us through his videos so you can improve. It seems easy when you watch his movies, but it is all about perfect timing. And as stated, for one succesful movie, there are many failures.

Exactly… If your spells are maxed and heavily forged and your king is strong enough with best gears like flothaboss has… Anyone can do the same. Even at my hero level if I will raid someone 250+ trophies or more lower than me… I’m able to do it with only spells and in addition if enemy is to lower… Only king is enough… Same case is flothaboss. Only difference is He doesn’t want to be Ranked no. 1 but he is even more powerful than that.


Marvelous skill of the greatest flothaboss! Hail!


Flothaboss is a fraud! Mediocre skill support by thousands of free gems from fairgames made him the greatest player of this game’s history! ???

His videos are fake! It’s all edited!  


Maybe he is an FG employee. 

Well, getting paid by salary or by gems is still getting paid, isn’t it? Semantics…

Thing is, it’s not just about forging a lot to get wins. To progress as a Youtuber, he needs creativity for his content too. And I think he does that well

And about losing raids…even the best players lose sometimes. Bases nowadays are quite hard

What’s fake though? He recorded the stats of lvl4 wolf and used it, instead of recording lvl5 stats. By mistake

Another epic failed of the greatest flothaboss! He is a mediocre player even with his highly forge spells and units! ???


Flothaboss only sells dreams with his youtube channel!!! Get real!  ???

You really hate Flothaboss I guess ? He has a cool channel nevertheless

I don’t hate him, I’m pity those who worship him like god!  

I had same screenshot ???


I deleted all his fails)