Secrets of Flothaboss raiding success

It’s like everyone is turning against Flotha all of a sudden.

Plus it’s almost always the same screenshot.

And he helped lots of people and alliances.

And his and Peliez videos help me 

Yeah right 

How fan he sell dreams on YouTube?

Make a comment that makes sense.

And get real 

Ive learnt by watching Flothaboss vids along with others who have posted tips but ive never seen him self proclaim as being the greatest ,no matter what your the best at, there’s always someone better around the corner, every one has a bad day now and again !,As to the mans intentions and or any benefits he may receive, good on him ! its still his time and creativity that go into the videos. And the hero worship ? ,nobody wants to watch superman if he has to catch the bus,BUT just to break down your posts 64% has him knockin at ya gate and 3rd is still a bronze at the Olympics so as much as it annoys you about people perceptions you’ve still shown us that hez pretty bloody good


Exactly ???

Honestly its hardly his fault no other high player bothers to post videos. if that leaves them in obscurity then that’s their choice… 

Theres nothing wrong with him being the best known top player. I would say its some king-envy from others laziness too do the same.

Actually many of his videos would work at many levels and they do as they help lower players as well, so well suck it up or grow up.

Either works :grinning:



if I have 999999 gems I will beat anyone in this gamed

Nobody stopped you from buying them  :grinning:

Especially Flare wouldn’t mind :wink: .

Something known as timer as well  ^_^

Back on topic ain’t right to defame that player who earlier taught how to build a base, how to use monster combos  :slight_smile:

Flotthaboss is more than ok, he takes time to make videos and that’s appreciated a lot.

It’s fun to watch those videos, and I can only say thank you for it, you do others a big favor.

That he fails on some bases, who cares? We all can say he failed during war raids, at that moment he can’t use full combat gear, so has 5 out of 9 gears less efficient. All we can say is that offense clearly is not overpowered.

Why do all call Flo a “he”? I got the impression it’s a lady…

Indeed, all those tutorial videos help all of us, so we should thank Flo anyway.

There is another side though. Pure Business. A very active channel on youtube, which uploads new original clips all the time. This channel attracts huge viewer’s traffic, likes, subscribers, views, average view duration etc. This should bring a high salary to the channel’s owner from the commercials on the page.

He did reveal his face on his facebook or one of his video.

And what wrong with he get reward from his videos? Perhaps you prefer your employer pay you with just “thank you” instead of salary ? :huh:

Hehe, Devilgoh, nothing wrong with making money from youtube, facebook etc. It’s very common nowadays. If you are good and active - why not? Just pointed the fact that this is another aspect of Flo’s activity.

Was confused about he’s gender as Flo is a girl’s name and also his king in the videos is many times a girl.

you’ve clearly never been in germany…

Why do you say so my dear? Do you miss me already?

Well because Flo is an abbreviation for Florian, a male name. That’s his implicaiton

More like you’re attacking him out of hate. You called him a fraud so…

lol, i miss seeing you lying again…

flo or florian is pretty common male name in germany, put that into your tiny brain

Now may I ask you why you lower yourself to insults on the address of Edward? There is no reason why you should go on with a personal vendetta. Having something wrong is something else than lying. Lying you do on purpose, when you already know the truth, still giving other information. 

Flothaboss got a job at flare, well meant congratulations to him from my team.

I miss you too darling. Why did you leave?