secure account

it would be nice to login with username and password (and maybe do something with our email when you have a bug, so we can fix the bug ourselves).


i had to install ios on my phone and then my account is lost. so everytime i update or reset my phone, my account will be lost. with a login you can provide this bug. caus i and i gues other people too, dont wanna wait a month everytime we change our phones software. this should be your biggest issue, it causes you guys alot of work that isnt needed.


This isn’t good way because the security is more more important.

Then hackers …

Then bind it to my ios account or something else? I dont want to wait that long everytime software changes on my phone. I have to run an allience. Time is priceless in this game and I lose alot of it in this way.

I really agree on this.

I want to reset my Phone for a big part and then download Royal again since it takes a HUGE amount of my battery.

But like you, I also have an Alliance, and I don’t want to wait until Flare resetted my account, what if they are really busy and it takes a few days…? Also, what happens to my Alliance when I reset everything?

I have to put up a new leader for the period I’m offline, but since we can not email with eich other, I don’t know how to manage that…the chat isnt really working properly.

Also I am not sure if you get the exact same levels back from everything?