Security reminder about transferred accounts

Dear players,


In order to enjoy the full potential of the game, we would like you to remember some of our security measures.


Please keep in mind that, even after transferring your account to a new device, you will still be able to access and play your account on your old device. Therefore, please make sure that no other person has access to your devices.


In this regard, we also strongly advise you not to buy or sell any account from or to other players as this poses a security risk for you. As explained in our Terms of Service, we are not able to assist players who encounter issues while playing with a bought or sold account.


Please keep this in mind, stay safe and enjoy the game!


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

hello aether


can i get back my previous account that i overwriten by the other account?, i used android and windows 8.1 .

i overwrite lev 43 with lev 67.

sorry for my bad english

Try to contact her on PM with all necessary details, or submit a support ticket to http://feedback.flaregames.comwith the details.