See number of items slots u have left

would also be nice to see how many slots I have left before it’s full.  or option to destroy one to get the one I just opened instead of paying 40 gems for another slot

Crabz out

Go to Item Shop where you buy item chests, there you know how many slots remained, it is on the bottom of the screen btw

thanks never saw that there before.  sure seems to fill up a lot quicker then 150 slots…

@CaptainMorgan and devs,

a simple suggestion please.

is there a way to let us know the number of available hero item slots? This comes a lot handy before we attack or before we open chests, especially Hephaestus chests.


If you hit the item shop button it shows you. 

Thanks. Now, I have something to share to my alliance members.


Since we got this robber bug which robs us of our items instead of just giving the option to buy a new item slot, why not give us power of Gods so that we can see exactly how many item slots we have, how many of them are available and maximum capacity of slots, that way we won’t lose items as we are right now.

One other thing(maybe it was not like this before… but I’m not sure) is that when we select “Collect all” button from tributes screen, please make it so that it collect a small amount of resources from every island we have heroes on so that they can start regaining resources, as it is now - it collects resources from islands one by one, when 1st island’s resources are collected then it collects from another island and thus others are just maxed out, if our resources are full, for the time being, which kind of stops us from taking maximum advantage of resource gain.

(I’m not aware if those have been suggested before)

You can see how many slots you have at max and how many you have left if you go in the shop window … bottom right corner

Really impressive Dheth, 342  ")


Thanks Dheth, I had no idea about that, finally I can save my items from disappearing now

Post 340 it starts asking 25 gems / slot … and that’s when I stopped, too much for my taste :slight_smile:

Naw, it’s Artemis … I took the screenshot prior Artemis, and unlocking her probably opened other 10 base slots, so it all scaled up by 10 :grinning: