Seeking loyal members

I am the leader of Enigma.  This alliance has been around a long time now.  We are currently looking for loyal members. Our requirements are 3500 trophies or more and a 750k donation level.  Our alliance is maxed out and we have several boosts constant.  We have a very strong core of players. We also have baby alliances under us if you do not meet above criteria.  We have just 3 simple rules: donate daily, participate in wars and have fun   Pretty simple   We are currently ranked 89  and down 3 players  if u want to join search for Enigma under alliances or OgCaz in player list   We are a strong but fun alliance   We have strategist, numbers guys, recruiting staff and feature players from around the globe  Hope to hear from some loyal top notch players soon   We do not accept jumpers and also report jumpers   Tks