Select your attack => loading animation => connection lost => -70 trophies. I want my trophies back.

Let me put at least a foot in my opponent’s path before your sh!tty servers decide to give him my trophies.

I am not surprise to read this in Bugs section. Since the breakdown server I got so many freeze during gameplay its unplayable. I lost so many trophy. When its not about disconnection when you search opponent. So broken this game. Very sad :slightly_frowning_face:

@GalaMorgane @Nikko Cna you ask RR2 team When they will invest in a new server? I think its time to remove the old dinosaur server and be up to date now. I don’t care if during a weekend they put RR2 offline for many hours to fix this once and for all

Edit : I just have update my Windows 10 to April Update (Spring Creator) and that seems to be more smooth and ok now. Maybe that was the Fall Creator. I will see later in few days testing

Edit 2 : After testing RR2 with April Update the game is a rocket now. that give the impression my ISP have doubled my internet speed. the loading is really fast and all. Its impressive. Hope its gonna always like this.

For everyone who don’t have update and still with Fall Creator change to Spring Creator its extreme fast. No more crash,freeze or slow down problem

sadly that fix only PC users

I have this same problem for 2 days. I play on android, 8.0.0.

 8 battles lost at the same spot. As the battle is about to start, it loads, i see my tent, and disconnect. Lost 60 trophies each time. Very frustrating.

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled. No difference. 

Me acaba de pasar lo mismo entre, seleccione oponente y quedo pantalla en negro y me saco totalmente del juego volví a entrara y espere y me saco nuevamente perdi 50 trofeos 


Never see a mess like this. In Olympus Rising never got 1 disconnection problem or crash since October 2016. Same if you have the worst internet on this planet.Why in RR2 we have non stop problem with connection. Damn it its so frustrating. I don’t understand after the huge fail with server breakdown. They don’t invest time and effort to solve this issues once and for all. 

Honestly Flare you give impression you don’t care and wait everyone will leave and stop playing RR2. Its really that you want? continue ignore us and maybe one day this will happen. People want to play this game without any problem. I think its not hard to understand that we expect to play a working game and not a broken game

We try to open chest --> Disconnection

We try to do Ninja Event —> Disconnection

We try to search a target ----> Disconnection


@GalaMorgane Ask them to fix this for good please. Probably I am not alone to be very tired of this situation